Speed Rope Sale Announced by King Athletic, Offer Valid for a Limited Time, Only on Amazon

King Athletic announces 30% sale for Speed Rope and Speed Cable, an exclusive deal for Amazon customers, for a short time only, offer starting Wednesday, Feb 5th.


Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- Dynamically growing lifestyle sports brand, King Athletic, announces that its recently launched fitness accessories, Speed Cable (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HCRSC9U/ref=ag_xx__xx) and Speed Rope (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GFYOZJM/ref=ag_xx__xx) will be markdown 30% for a limited period starting Wednesday 5th of February, through to Friday 7th of February. The company will be listing it's offer on Amazon.com and is providing its customers with a special discounts codes. For fitness enthusiasts wishing to purchase King Athletic's Speed Rope, the item's discount code is 2EU2GCFS. Customers interested in the heavy-duty Speed Cable, the valid discount code for 30% off is ZEJHBYXK.

King Athletic specializes in fitness equipment designed to promote well-being. The Speed Cable jumping rope addresses a wide range of athletes and fitness fans who seek to amp up their performance with a reliable, ergonomically impeccable accessory. Suitable for heavy-duty use in MMA, boxing, CrossFit and speed training, Speed Cable can be used in a wide variety of workouts at professional level.

Running, marathon running, cardio, high intensity interval training and even hybrid workouts can integrate high-intensity jumping rope exercises to peak performance and optimize endurance. Not solely reserved for professional athletes, the Speed Cable and Speed Rope are suggested as a good complement to any at-home workout routine. King Athletic's spokesman, Benjamin Davies, emphasized the versatility of the jumping ropes in a short announcement, "Fitness trends come and go, you get hybrid workouts that combine seemingly clashing philosophies, like boxing combined with yoga for instance. But people always return to proven, traditional workouts. At King Athletic, we believe that irrespective of what workout is trending, you should never steer away from the basics. An intense 15-minute jumping rope workout is what will skip you slim."

The 9'1" Speed Rope, on 30% sale from Wednesday the 5th, comes with a five-year guarantee. The Speed Rope has been designed with performance optimization in mind. It ensures a low-impact workout that doesn't take a toll on one's body, yet burns calories and offers rigorous exercising. Made of sturdy assembly, the Speed Rope and Cable Rope is designed to maximize cardio fitness and tone up both upper and lower body in one single exercise.

Benjamin Davies commenting on the limited-time sale of Speed Cable and Speed Rope, said, "This is a treat for all Kings Athletic's Amazon customers and everyone else who's just getting to know our products". King Athletic is a lifestyle brand, helping busy people stay fit with intense home workouts and athletes to fire up their game.

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