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Speed Training for Runners


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- When new runners first begin, their goal is mainly to make it through the workout. Eventually, once their endurance is up, they move on to other goals such as increasing the number of miles in their run, and improving their overall running time. Overtime it can seem difficult to improve speed when on long runs, but it is possible and here are some suggestions to do so.

One suggestion from trainers was to take to the local gym track and alternate paces. After a five minute walk to warm up, they suggested running the straightaway and then walking the curves. Or on the road, pick different markers and run to them, then walk to another marker. What this does is train the body and the mind to accommodate quicker paces over shorter distances, and push the body to move faster thereby improving speed over time.

Another suggestion is to pick a path to run and try to run it at the same pace for three laps. This trains the body not only in endurance, but also encourages the body to maintain a consistent speed or move slightly faster during certain portions.

A suggestion for those who are getting bored with their traditional routes, trainers suggest picking a local target – say a park, store, or the house of a friend – and running to that location. This not only shakes up a routine, but can make the exercise seem like an adventure and can spur the brain to encourage the body to pick up the pace.

Other drills include alternating paces for periods of time (easy for five minutes, medium for five, hard for five and so on), adding steady walk breaks to a long run as part of interval training, and ensuring that a workout contains rest days and other activities as well. Strength training and flexibility can also improve overall speed and help create a well-balanced workout program for beginners and advanced runners alike.

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