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SpeedCarz.com Provides Auto News and Articles on Latest and Upcoming Top Autos


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- Car buyers and enthusiasts are quickly spreading the word about the new website SpeedCarz.com where they can find in-depth reviews of the latest and upcoming automotive models from the world’s top manufacturers. In addition to detailed and highly researched articles on current, upcoming and concept car models, Speed Carz brings the latest automotive news to car lovers and buyers online.

Car aficionados know that now is the season for car manufacturers to show off their latest cars in major auto shows from Paris, Frankfurt and Shanghai to LA, Chicago and Canada. Despite the huge turnout, millions of automotive followers and shoppers will be unable to attend and get the inside info on the latest automobiles. Fortunately for those that won’t be in attendance, the new SpeedCarz.com website is bringing the latest and upcoming models from the world’s biggest and best manufacturers right into their homes. “Our goal was to create a website that was heavy on well researched information on all of the features inside, outside and under the hood of all of the latest top car models while also providing readers with timely automotive news that is both practical and entertaining,” said the SpeedCarz.com researcher.

More and more consumers are able to move from the dream stage to the buying phase with the insights they garner from the Speed Carz website. The informational reviews on hundreds of autos that are just hitting the road or upcoming models that are still shrouded in some mystery are devoid of any hint of sales pitch or conjecture. All aspects of the varied autos are discussed. Everything from the features, body style, choice of colors, target market and interior to the engine, suspension, braking system, performance and much more is clearly laid out. The website also brings the latest news and reviews on concept cars from around the world to showcase the latest styling and technology that is currently in the process of making the transition from the drawing board to the showroom floor.

Auto environmentalists and buyers with a keen interest in hybrid cars can read articles on the latest hybrids to learn what makes them tick. Readers can find the latest news from and about the biggest, most prestigious, and most innovative car manufacturers with general automotive news woven into the website’s information mix. SpeedCarz.com also features numerous entertaining stories and articles about cars and drivers that cannot be found collectively anywhere else.

All of the top models from dozens of manufacturers ranging from Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Chevrolet, Ferrari and Ford to Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Range Rover and beyond can be easily accessed. Website visitors can then choose from articles that discuss each current and upcoming model from the driver’s perspective. “Readers should check back often as we are constantly updating the website with new cars, new information and new driving experiences,” said the researcher. For more information, please visit http://speedcarz.com

About SpeedCarz.com
SpeedCarz.com was established in 2012 with the primary purpose of keeping its readers informed and up to date with the latest automotive news. The website provides detailed articles on automobile models from the world’s major automotive manufacturers that give a detailed profile of everything inside, outside and under the hood. Readers will also find practical and entertaining automotive news articles with everything on the website thoroughly researched and constantly updated.