Seo Gladiator Reveals the Cheapest Way to Beat a Ticket


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2018 -- is the longest running, most established speeding ticket defense website in the USA. The original motive for starting their company was to help people avoid the high cost scam of speeding tickets. executives are aware that their customers believe there are many ways to beat speeding tickets; but they understand what regular people do not. That is that the majority of the speeding ticket "solutions" available are rip-offs.

A spokesman told us: "People think that hiring a lawyer or going to traffic school are good moves when dealing with a speeding ticket. Both are total scams. Lawyers do not beat your ticket. They reduce the ticket via a plea bargain. That is not winning, that's reducing! And they charge clients a fortune, while they accomplish almost nothing for you. Also traffic ticket lawyers are such low rent scammers themselves, that they buy lists of people who just got a speeding ticket, and contact those people to sell their services. The lawyers are actually in business on the ticket scam, with the counties! This explains why so many people suddenly get calls or mail from law firms, right after they get a ticket."

This comment explains lawyers, and why and how they might not be on the up and up when it comes to speeding tickets… But Speedticketbeaters did say that there are multiple methods people think they can use to avoid a ticket, and that the others are scams too.

The spokesperson went on to say: "Traffic school is another scam. When you take traffic school you are pleading guilty to the ticket, then you have to pay the fine, and the expensive traffic school enrollment fee. You then take an 8 hour course, get put on probation, and if you receive any other ticket within several years, you get a double fine and insurance increase. Cops love writing tickets to traffic school drivers, because those drivers generate higher fines for the county. You become a marked car, when you take traffic school, and you didn't even really get out of your ticket. It's a total scam!" says there's only one way to completely eliminate a speeding ticket, including all fines, and all points… And not spend a fortune doing so. Their service has been offering custom prepared foolproof methods to customers, since 2003, in all 50 U.S. states. They do a free, no obligation consultation about any existing speeding ticket, with a court date still coming up. They advise that you reach out to them through their website, if you want to actually beat your ticket completely, without spending a fortune.

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