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SpeedyPublishing.co Launches Exciting New Concept for Writers to Get Published

SpeedyPublishing.Co is a new publishing entity that has developed proprietary software and marketing techniques to help authors increase their book sales.


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2013 -- Welcome to the new and exciting world of Speedy Publishing LLC where the future is now. There has never been a more exciting time to be an author and self-publisher. Over the last decade the e-reader and now the tablet and smartphone have become the dominant platform for readers to consume digital content.

Globalization has created new markets for authors and self-publishers and provided them the opportunity to publish new content for readers that has previously been unavailable for these markets.

This is a challenging and difficult time for authors and small publishers to take advantage of these new markets...but the upside potential is enormous. There is a great deal of money being made today in eBooks and print books, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg…new markets and new technologies are set to explode the earning potential for those authors who recognize the opportunity being provided here.

About SpeedyPublishing.Co
SpeedyPublishing.Co (http://SpeedyPublishing.Co) is a new publishing entity that has developed proprietary software and marketing techniques to help authors increase their revenue stream by taking their work and publishing it to all available marketing channels for e-Books, print and audiobooks.

Utilizing our staff and services saves time and conserves energy for writing. By joining forces, the need for learning the time consuming laborious formatting rules, uploading, promoting and marketing necessary to publish to new venues successfully is eliminated.

Our proprietary system is created with the author, in mind in order to minimize all the difficulties that eat up your valuable writing time. Our software saves you the time it takes to figure everything out and the often laborious mind-numbing tasks involved in self-publishing.

With over twenty imprints which include:

Pets Unchained (Pets & Animals) - You’ll find useful content or advice for training or caring for different kinds of pet breeds. Also, factual information about animals that would be of interest to animal lovers of all sorts.

Cooking Genius (Cooking, Kitchen etc.) - Anything in relation to food preparation for any type of food or drinks including recipe ideas and tips that anyone can easily do at home in their own kitchen is included here.

Speedy Kids (Children’s Fiction) - You’ll find animation, illustration or picture books that tell a story for kids to enjoy looking at that stimulates their imagination and opens up a world of creativity on their part.

Weight A Bit (Health And Fitness) - These books relate to weight loss, exercise routines, dieting, fitness, staying in shape, workout programs, equipment that can be used for working out, physical improvement, etc.; motivation for physical fitness.

Discover how to publish the right way for Print, Digital and Audio books.