Spice Up the Messages, Comments and Status Updates Using Facebook Symbols

Bid farewell to the boring old plain text messages, comments and status updates. It is no possible to convey what one really feels with a vast array of Facebook symbols or emoticons.


Beaver Falls, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- A picture is worth a thousand words, Facebook symbols make a simple stand out for there are tons of emoticons to show what the user is feeling without using dozens of words or a very long testimonial just to explain that the user has a broken heart and needed a drink.

Using emoticons is pretty easy and can be done even without looking into a list though this only applies to simple smile, frown, and the basic smileys. Just type it in a status update and Facebook will turn it into an emoticon. These emoticons work pretty much everywhere on Facebook, users can use it on status updates, wall posts, comments and the Facebook messenger app on any smart mobile devices.

This past few years, emoji and advanced emoticons replaced the plain smiley and winking face with a wide range of emotions, Facebook’s growing list of emoticons include faces, sports, animals, drinks, shoes, cars and a whole lot more.

As Facebook’s list of emoticons grows, it is getting more and more complex and is becoming tougher to use. Anyone can leave a simple smiley face on a Facebook wall, but if the user wants to leave something more complex, he’ll need a list a list of Facebook emoticons’ short codes and a swift copy and paste.

Emojis on a smart mobile phone’s keyboard is one way of sending out emoticons on Facebook. However, they won’t always appear when the user looks it upon a computer screen. For the emoticons to work on any device, the user will have to use the officially supported Facebook emoticons.

If the user wants to use a more complex emoticon to spice up his message he’ll need to copy a short code, even though the code may appear like a square. Once this code is posted on a status update or a comment this will turn into an emoticon that the user chose.

For more advanced figures and images a user needs to check out Facebook emoticons lists that include small square short codes that you can copy and paste into Facebook updates, comments or messages.

The Mogicons Facebook Emoticons has a list that includes tons of codes for emoticons that users can copy and paste and will show as an emoticon on Facebook. They also have a large collection of stickers that users can use on chat to make conversations with friends even more entertaining.

No more dull Facebook updates and bland chat conversations, spice it with Facebook symbols and stickers from Mogicons.

About Mogicons
Mogicons has a large collection of Facebook emoticons that will surely appear pretty much everywhere on Facebook. With Mogicons’ emoticons users can now give their words a personality and astonish their friends with thousands of funny and entertaining emoticons and stickers.