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Spice up the Summer With a Tofu Diet, Suggests Healthy Eating With Ease

Soybean product can meet most if not all protein requirements


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Tofu can serve as a substitute for any unhealthy choices of meat this summer and any subsequent season and can complement any healthy meals to lose weight. Nutrition website Healthy Eating with Ease extended this reminder not just to vegetarians and vegans, but also to omnivores.

“Protein is required for almost if not everyone, no matter what eating regimen is preferred. Free of fat and cholesterol, tofu happens to be one of the healthiest sources of protein there is,” Healthy Eating with Ease founder K. Chatman mentioned.

Tofu refers to the solidified cake of the curd-like substance extracted from ripe soybeans, which are by all accounts perhaps the best source of protein among all plants.

Tofu may be baked, broiled, fried, or grilled. The possibilities are endless. It may also be diced for use in casseroles, soups, and stews and to impart volume to scrambled eggs. Soft tofu is more than a passable alternative to egg in pudding and baked food.

“With its smooth consistency, soft tofu can seamlessly serve as a substitute for creams, dips, dressings, mayonnaise, and sauces at a fraction of the calories and cholesterol. If one cannot live without meat, he or she can use tofu as an extender to ground turkey and sirloin,” suggested Mr. Chatman.

Fattier sauces and creams may be swapped for silken tofu. This type of tofu has been known to make cheese fillings, cream soups, dressings, puddings, and sauces creamier. Tofu kebabs can be added to the menu. But as many vegetarians have learned, putting tofu on a stick could be a chore.

“Soft tofu is a difficult food to skewer. Some have found a way around this quandary by freezing it beforehand. For better results purchase extra firm tofu instead of the soft, silken, or merely firm variety,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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