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Spidvid Launches the World's First Compensation System Specifically Built for Video and Film Projects


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- “Spidvid Payments” empowers video creators to launch their projects and disperse their budgets on to hire cast and crew, and to safely and securely compensate their team through escrow and/or invoice payments.

“We saw firsthand how some video creators would launch a video project on our website, then compensate their team members on various payment services, only to not fully receive the value they expected.” Founder and President Jeremy Campbell explains. “We saw this as an important problem to solve, because we wanted to see our members completing projects and financial transactions together successfully. It made perfect sense to provide a solution where paid video projects could be launched, managed, collaborated on, and completed. Our members can now pay for the time and talent of other's, all within a safe and secure environment. Spidvid Payments leverages PayPal to process project payments, with the goal of smoothly handling financial transactions between individuals working in the quickly emerging, evolving, and exciting video production space.”

We have seen the emergence of YouTube for video distribution, and crowdfunding websites where money is raised for video projects, but Spidvid's core focus is on areas which have seen relatively little innovation; video project collaboration and management, hiring talent, and a framework for compensating team members.

If you want to hire cast and crew, there are freelancing websites which are mostly dedicated towards development and design projects. There is Craigslist, where video-related hiring opportunities are loosely posted and often get lost in the noise. There are random job boards, which are often local and lack the global reach that the Internet now makes possible. There isn't a solution specifically for video project management, team building, and compensation between individuals. Spidvid aims to fill that void with a powerful product that's easy to use, reliable and trustworthy for our 7,000+ members, and with a framework built from the ground up specifically for video. Spidvid is truly the first of its kind worldwide.

About Spidvid
Spidvid is a complete and modular solution for video production. Cast and crew connect around projects, creators and producers build their teams, collaboratively manage their work flow, financial compensation is handled safely and securely, video content is successfully developed, and can be uploaded for digital distribution.

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Contact person - Jeremy Campbell:, @JeremyCampbell, 1-416-799-9506