Spikes Trophies & Awards Expands Inventory of Ceremonial Items


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Spikes Trophies & Awards is pleased to announce its expanded inventory of ceremonial items. The business now carries an array of certificate papers, presentation folders and custom ribbons to commemorate special achievements.

Corporations, universities, and public schools often plan ceremonies at key moments during the year. For example, a corporation may wish to honor a lifetime of achievement of one of its employees. A public school awards ribbons and medals to top performers of swimming, soccer, football and field hockey. A university presents bachelors and masters degrees at its graduation ceremony. Spikes Trophies & Awards offers a number of exquisite products for these special moments.

The Certificate is an 8 ½” x 11” print on stock that includes enough space to print the name of the school, student name, year, and type of the award achieved. The text is bordered with blue-inked fancy trim. This item is perfect for college and university Dean’s List awards.

The Certificate Presentation Folder, with a printed gold emblem on the cover, adds a classy touch to the certificate presentation. The folder helps keep the certificate paper unblemished and enjoyable for many years. For corporate award ceremonies, or post graduate receptions, these folders are an optimal choice.

Award ribbons are available in a number of vibrant colors including blue, green and red. They are worded with designations, such as First Place up to Sixth Place. Supplementary text is also available on these ribbons including Merit, Participant and Honorable Mention. The ribbons, kept in stock for fast shipment, will compliment any public school’s sports ceremony.

In addition to ceremonial items, Spikes Trophies & Awards offers bowling trophies in PA. For those who need a bowling trophy in New Jersey, or have questions about other awards, call (800) 549-1091.

About Spike’s Trophies & Awards
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