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Spine Physicians Institute Explains the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Vertebral Compression Fracture

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- . Their expert trained surgeons value providing their patients with the greatest amount of educational information regarding their condistion and treatment options so that they can make the most informed decision to get them back on the path to better health. One of the latest informational pages added to their website includes an overview on vertebral compression fractures.

“At Spine Physicians Institute, we believe that by making spine health easy to understand for our patients we empower them to make more informed decisions about their treatment options,” stated one of the spokesperson for The Spine Physicians Institute.

The spokesperson also elaborated by discussing the symptoms and risk factors involved with vertebral compression fractures. “A vertebral compression fracture (VCF) occurs when one of the bones of the spine breaks or collapses. Silent because it is often painless, the FVC can cause modification of the physiological curvature of the vertebral column by tilting forward. This distortion, called kyphosis, can cause chronic pain, breathing problems and sleep disorders.”

“Having a vertebral fracture significantly increases the risk that you will have another. Over time, multiple fractures can cause deformation of the spine, causing it to bend forward. This deformation is called kyphosis.”

“Kyphosis can be delivered to the point that it affects your balance and compresses your chest cavity, making it difficult to breathe, to eat or to sleep. Other risk factors include your age, gender and lifestyle.”

Patients facing any symptom related to a possible compression fracture should report to the Spine Physicians Institute as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis. Early diagnosis enables a greater number of treatment options. A physical examination and an x-ray can help determine whether or not you have a spinal fracture. Even if the condition has worsened, the Spine Physicians can help provide you with the most effective treatment for the problem.

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