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Spine Physicians Institute Offering Effective Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Spine Physicians Institute, a team of leading spine surgery experts in Dallas, offers the most effective treatments for degenerative disc disease to its patients. The clinic elaborates on the details of degenerative disc disease to ensure patients having back pain related to the condition understand the underlying cuases and possible treatment options.

One of the clinic’s representatives stated, “Degenerative disc disease is not really a disease. But that does not make the pain it causes less real. It is the result of aging or injury, degenerative disc disease may limit your activity. Surgery might be necessary for people with a prolonged back pain record.”

The representative also explained how the degenerative disc disease occurs by stating, “Losing water due to aging or disease, the discs lose height, which shrinks the vertebrae. The passage of the nerves in your spine becomes narrower. When this happens, the discs do not absorb shock as well, especially when you walk, run or jump.”

“Natural wear and tear, poor posture and incorrect movements can also weaken the disc, causing its degeneration. The diagnosis of degenerative disc disease begins with a physical examination of the body, paying particular attention to the neck, back and extremities.”

The Spine Physician Institute thoroughly examines the patient’s back to check flexibility, mobility and the presence of some evidence that suggest that the nerve roots are affected by degenerative changes in their spine. This often involves testing the strength of the patient’s muscles and reflexes to make sure they still work normally.

If you have any questions about treatment options available at the Spine Physicians Institute, please contact any of their clinics situated in Dallas, Red Oak, Irving or Plano.

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