SpinePlus Chiropractic

SpinePlus Chiropractic Has the Asyra System for Patient Bioresonance Testing


Farmington Hills, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2018 -- SpinePlus Chiropractic, serving patients throughout the Farmington Hills, Michigan and surrounding areas, announces the addition of an Asyra® System for Bioresonance testing as part of their suite of services for their patients.

Dr. Michael J. Krygier, who owns the practice, attended the University of Connecticut for undergraduate studies, continuing his professional education earning a joint degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University along with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition. He also holds an Herbal Degree from the Australian College of Phytotherapy.

SpinePlus Chiropractic emphasizes a two-part strategy when addressing patient health problems.

The first strategy, Chiropractic therapy, and care, help diagnose and treat any mechanical issues the patient may have affecting their body, for example, back, neck and extremity pain including elbows, shoulders, writs, knee, and ankle problems.

The second strategy focuses on nutrition, including the use of pharmaceutical grade supplements when warranted.

The Asyra® (Bioresonance Testing)

SpinePlus Chiropractic uses The Asyra® system to pinpoint the cause of pain. Bioresonance (or "bioenergetic") testing is based on the electromagnetic nature of human bodies. Our nervous systems operate on electricity. Magnetic energy is captured by MRI machines. EEGs and EKGs provide pictures of the electrical activity in our brains and hearts. Asyra® is part of bioresonance testing.

How Bioresonance Works

Bioresonance relies on the ability of the body's cells to resonate at determinable frequencies. They can receive electrical signals from other cells and transmit them. They also interact with the body's other systems. Healthy cells resonate at different frequencies than unhealthy ones.

Inverting the resonating frequency of the unhealthy cells allows the bioresonance technology to treat the unhealthy cells. The inverted frequency helps the cells return to their healthy resonance levels. Bioresonance treatment helps the body re-establish control over its regulatory system, returning the patient to health, along with supplemental treatments taken at home.


What makes the Asyra® treatment system stand out from standard bioresonance is its flexibility.

Asyra® focuses on the organ systems, looking directly for the places where the body is under stress. It also supports a more flexible, wider range, of treatments. Patient and practitioner can select from many different treatment possibilities made possible through Asyra®.

Asyra® in Chiropractic Therapy

The Asyra® is an electrodermal testing system. A patient holds two electrodes which pass a very weak current over their skin. It locates both chemical and bioenergetic imbalances throughout the entire body. It allows the doctor to find organ stresses and nutritional deficiencies.

With over 40,000 therapies to choose from, including pharmaceutical, herbal, nutritional and homeopathic methods- the Asyra's® ability helps the chiropractor to acuminate in on a specific holistic health plan centered around a patient's specific issues.

"We have always worked with our patients to create the best chiropractic therapy service and treatment plan for pain and health concerns. The Asyra® treatment system is a terrific addition to our holistic health services. With it, we can better pinpoint the body's imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, helping us to offer treatments specifically tailored to their needs." Dr. Michael J. Krygier.