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Spinning Reel Pro Paddling Reviews for Seasoned Fishermen and Beginners


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2016 -- caters to the need of fishing enthusiasts of all levels by compiling fishing reel reviews in order to facilitate comparisons and decisions. Its focus on spinning reels reveals the top manufacturers and best types available on the market.

The website is dedicated to individuals having fishing as a hobby but also to those who practice it at a professional level. It teaches about the basics of the spinning reel or the spinning part of a fishing rod, that makes catching fish possible. The reader will also learn about the differences between these and the baitcasting and spincast reels.

While all reels serve the same purpose, they are made different. The distinct features can have an impact on fishing and different reels can lead to different results. Some are more suitable than others, according to the fishing skill level. This is where Pro Paddling steps in and helps choose the best spinning reel according to one's fishing level or goal. It acts as a guide for the newcomer as well as for the advanced angler. has published spinning reel reviews that compare the gear ratio, the line capacity, ball bearings, maximum drag and weight of the reel. The reader is also enabled to make a choice based on the material, on durability, performance and affordability as the main criteria. In addition, the resource caters to those who see fishing as a means of survival; it teaches how to distinguish the best spincast reels, which are more suitable to beginners, or select within the baitcasting variety, which is recommended to the more experienced users.

The published reviews and comparisons shed light on spinning reels from brands like Ecooda Maelstrom, Plusinno, Pflueger or Shimano. It is thus possible to compare some of the most popular models on the market and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

About Pro Paddling
Pro Paddling is a web resource for water adventure enthusiasts, explaining and comparing inflatable kayaks, paddle boards but also spinning reels, helping readers with factual reviews, in order to help them decide for the better option.

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