'SpinNStop - Slot Machine' Free Spin Slot Machines Game Now Available on Google Play


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2013 -- Enter the new era and what is evident is the nonstop use of technology and gadgetry in every walk of life. Smart-phones have dominated the scene and provided people with not just creative and innovative ways of staying connected, the online world of socializing has provided people an entire virtual neighborhood to play games, share events, photos, learn new hobbies and whatnot. Games in smart-phone apps have been raking in millions and are highly competitive in terms of user friendliness, level of difficultly for playing and having extremely lifelike graphics over the passage of time.

Poker games and casino virtual corners have opened and taken over the likes of most users and in comes SpinNStop - Slot Machine, which is an amazing and innovative game of hitting the jackpot with the player having full control of the start and stop options. But unlike the most engaging slot machines on the market, SpinNStop - Slot Machine does not just require the gamer to tap the spin button to spin. Once the spin button is tapped to start the slot machines spin, gamers must then decide when to hit the spin button again to stop it, in hopes of hitting a jackpot. Besides the normal slot machines, there is also a Tic Tac Toe mini game and Spin The Roman Wheel mini game and a random box minigame that occurs every 50 spins.

There are automatic updates available regularly as the game is upgraded, which adds new machines and minigames frequently to the existing game. There are many new slot machines to unlock with different themes including:

- Egyptian Slot machine theme
- Airplane Slot machine theme
- Dinosaur Slot machines theme
- Moon Slot Machine theme

Every machine has its own progressive symbol so once a user feels he or she is lucky enough to hit the jackpot, they can try and stop the reels just in time; Bonus random box mini games after every 50 spins keeps the game exciting. If a person hits two mini game symbols, they are entered into a random mini game. SpinNStop - Slot Machine is the only slot machine to have a Tic Tac Toe mini game. Excellent graphics and audio sounds make slot machines an exciting game for all ages.

Interested folks may download SpinNStop - Slot Machines Free from Google Play.

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