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Spiritual Book "Affair with the Divine" Now Available as a Kindle Ready eBook

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Author M.L. Curry is proud to announce the availability of her spiritual book "Affair with the Divine: Psychic Experiences Through Grief and Adventure" as a Kindle ready eBook. "Affair with the Divine" chronicles her experiences dealing with loss after losing her beloved husband Virgil in 2003 and the subsequent journey to healing and wholeness that led her to France and Italy in search of answers.

Having experienced a strong psychic connection together, after losing her husband, Curry was devastated by grief. After suffering and struggling, she decided to start looking for pathways to healing and wholeness by being open to all states of consciousness and awareness. By embracing her journey wholeheartedly, she began to discover psychic answers in some unusual places.

As she writes in "Affair with the Divine," "Mr. and Mrs. Harry Houdini pledged that after he died, he would reach out from the grave and, using a prearranged code, send an earthbound message to his wife, Bess. But it didn’t work. Virgil and I did what she and her husband could not."

Traveling to France, Italy and into the depths of her own heart, Ms. Curry turned her grief into a journey to wholeness. Through journals, notes and experiences, Ms. Curry shares her own paths to closure and healing and presents it to those who also are looking for help getting over grief. "Affair with the Divine" has already been described as grounded and direct, fresh, and "a hopeful story of the journey to accepting the unacceptable."

Unlike other self-help books that espouse specific methodology based on another's experiences, the gift of "Affair with the Divine" is that it inspires readers to draw connections between their own path and the author's in order to find the answers they seek.

About "Affair with the Divine" and M.L. Curry
"Affair with the Divine" invites readers to share in the author’s journey, to feel her pain and her joy, to take the opportunity to draw synergistic comparisons between her extrasensory experiences and the reader's own. From her remembrances of the grief suffered after the death of her husband to the subsequent need to travel to France and Italy, M.L. Curry’s personal stories are an invitation to open one's mind and heart to each individual's own greater perception. For more information, visit http://affairwiththedivine.com/.