Riz Mirza

How to Reconnect with Your Higher Self, Become the ‘Real You’ in Powerful New Life Sessions Series by Spiritual Teacher Riz Mirza

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Author Riz Mirza’s New Life Sessions are dramatically altering and opening lives by creating powerful life changes with his one on one transformational sessions.


Malibu, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2012 -- Popular California based Psychic Medium Riz Mirza is not only world renowned for his work as a Trance Channel and Psychic Medium but as a powerfully grounded Spiritual Teacher, and Author living in Malibu, CA with wife, transformational Life Coach Oriah Mirza. Together they bring ‘Circle of Light’ Channeling gatherings to the world. Many consider his readings to be life changing, and his clients hail from around the globe.

In Riz’s new Life Session Series, he will help people make the changes they want to see in their life using his channeling, psychic and mediumship work along with his own clear connections. Meeting one on one with him once a week over a period of 5 or 10 weeks for two hour increments, people are reporting huge shifts towards peace in their lives and have a sense of ‘relief’.

Author of channeled book 'Red Eagle Speaks' Riz comments, “Reconnect with your Higher Self. Free your mind, and you will free your life.” His teachings are continuing to help and inspire people around the world through his book channeled with wife Oriah; his Skype, phone readings and in person intensive sessions.

Riz asks people: “Have you been feeling an impending shift happening in your life yet still can’t seem to fully break free and let it happen completely? Are you tired of all the internal chatter of the mind and its limitations? Is this feeling constantly undermining all your actions and words?” These questions are addressed in his list of daily tools he will provide clients in: Developing a strong spiritual practice, Activating powerful meditation habits, Learn how to “get out of your head’, Releasing your past and embrace the present, Strengthening your Spiritual Center, Clearing old traumas and emotional patterns, Sharpening your intuition and free your creative abilities, Feeling more centered, aligned, compassionate and fearless, Becoming more of who you truly Are, Recovery from grief, addiction and depression, getting ‘unstuck’. Breakthrough your ego, and Expanding your consciousness.

Riz is one of the most Amazing beings I have had the pleasure to see. His circles are Outstanding and Enlightening. The Private reading are mind -blowing. If you have a chance to see him GO . You wont be disappointed !! ~Therese C. Pasadena, CA

A session with Riz is so inspiring!!! I came out of it feeling energized and refreshed. He has an incredible gift. This was my third session with him. Each time I feel refocused on my goals and more spiritually connected to everyone around me. He is able to bring out any thoughts I have and refocus them on what I have in mind for my overall journey in life. He is a wonderful resource for my friends as well. I would and have recommend him to EVERYONE!!!!! ~Harshal P, Attorney Bear, DE


Nestled in the Malibu canyons, under the open sky, you can breathe in the fresh ocean air and help you before and during sessions to create the inner environment you are searching for at Riz and Oriah’s home ‘Red Eagle Ranch’ in Las Flores Canyon Rd. More detailed information available on his website http://rizmirza.com

Fee: Blocks available in 5 two hour intensive sessions or 10 two hour sessions. Schedule is flexible to fit your needs.

"You have to be so careful when you are in the discovery phase of unveiling your new life and going to certain Spiritual teachers, gurus or yogis; that you are not learning more dogmas or more ritualistic traps that you have to unravel later. You have to be discerning and know who is a clear channel and who is not, and what is right for you. Discovering who you are, unraveling your mind and freeing yourself and your ego is a life affirming and uniquely transformative inner adventure. Trusting yourself to know who feeds your Spirit love, light and laughter with straightforward truthful teachings that gets underneath all your blocks and limitations is a priceless find. Riz is one of those finds."

-Oriah Miller

Transformational Life Coach, Author

Ask questions on any aspect of your life, connect to departed loved ones. Sessions in person, by phone or Skype riz@rizmirza.com

Inquiries Contact Oriahproductions@gmail.com