Spiritus Healing Arts Offers Energy Healing Massage Therapy for Chronic Head, Neck, & Shoulder Pain Sufferers in San Diego


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Neck and head pains can be agonizing as they make the entire body very restless. For the treatment of chronic head and neck pains, Spiritus Healing Arts offers therapies based on energy healing for the citizens of San Diego. Spiritus Healing Arts is an institute for holistic healing that is being supervised by Scott Truel who has 25 years of experience in the field. Scott is the Spiritus Healing Arts Massage Therapist who has been certified as a Therapeutic Massage from the Massage Therapy Institute of New England in the year 1985. Burnham System Facial Rejuvenation also certified him in 1986. Scott Truel is a well known individual in his field because his expertise and also carries a 25 years experience with him.

From the Center of the Light’s training for healing, Scott graduated in 1989 when he became a professional Therapeutic. At Spiritus Healing Arts, Scott offers the clients a “psychic facial” that enhances body’s own healing power. The “emotional crystallization” that takes place due to rough memories from the past, makes a person look older than he really is. For Facial Rejuvenation in San Diego, Spiritus Healing Arts is the place to go. Scott performs the psychic facials by provoking the inner self too. This magnifies the effects of a simple facial massage and makes it go soul deep rather than remaining skin deep. Not just the wrinkles go away, but the inner feeling of youthfulness comes outwards.

Spiritus Healing Arts offer Rejuvenation facials and Neck Pain Massage Treatments in San Diego. Neck and back pains arising due to stress and worries can be made to go away with the help of treatment through Spiritus Healing Arts. Muscle pains that occur either because of an exercise injury or due to over work can be relieved through massages. Skin looks dull and life less often because of the fact that the blood is unable to reach every single cell in it, thus making it look older than real. By having a relaxing facial massage, as a result of which the blood and lymph carrying all the nourishment reaches the face skin, it begins to look younger and healthier. It is called as psychic massage for a reason. The negative energy because of the bad memories and misadventures in life are sent away bringing peace and relaxation to the mind. Nervous system also benefits through the massage as the nervous pathways are opened, allowing a free flow of vitality throughout the body.

About Spiritus Healing Arts:
Spiritus Healing Arts is owned by Scott Truel. Scott received his certification in Therapeutic Massage in 1985 and in Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation the following year. He went on to further his training by attending the Center of Light Training for Healers from 1987 to 1989. Scott is also available during the evening and on weekends by appointment.

Scott Truel
San Diego, California 92108
(619) 540-9397