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As LED Lighting Use Grows Exponentially, Industry Pioneer SPJ Lighting Helps Meet Demand


South El Monte, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Southern California-based SPJ Lighting, a pioneer in LED lighting, is scaling up production to meet growing consumer demand. Suddenly, LED - which stands for Light Emitting Diode - is an even lower-energy, Mercury-free alternative to compact fluorescents. A quick glance at the news demonstrates LEDs are being used everywhere: 25,000 of them were used to light up the Bay Bridge in San Francisco for its 75th anniversary, and a million LEDs were used for artwork and lighting at the Dallas Omni Hotel. In historic Canon City, Colorado, Main Street will be re-lit with LED lighting, while a tower in Miami is using them for public artwork. SPJ began with distributing lighting for landscape decorating and renovation, and quickly moved to manufacture in order to insure the high quality of its components.

While others were reluctant to move ahead with LED lamping, company founder Paul Lestz jumped in and now has more than 5 years of experience working with LED technology. SPJ's Forever Bright systems offer versatile LED options for every fixture in their catalog. The technology now includes "Smart Systems" such as low voltage motion detection and emergency battery back-up products.

LEDs work via a diode conducting electricity in a single direction. Wired to a current, the diode emits a bright light around the bulb. The current itself releases photons that are seen as light. This elegantly simple, yet profoundly green, technology is on display in a range of SPJ products, including landscape lighting, submersible lights, post lanterns, recessed lighting, step lights, and more.

Customers can bring the lighting of San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, and the world to their yard and home by visiting SPJ Lighting at http://www.spjlighting.com.

About SPJ Lighting
In 1992, company founder Paul Lestz opened a small distribution company that sold rock-shaped speakers for backyard entertainment systems. After achieving success in this venture, satisfied customers started requesting landscape lighting as well. After a brief period distributing products that didn’t meet SPJ’s - or their customers’ - expectations of quality, SPJ went into the manufacturing business. From making their own brass and copper outdoor fixtures to helping pioneer LED lighting use, SPJ continues to grow - along with customer demands for lighting alternatives. To learn more, contact plestz@spjlighting.com or phone (800) 469-3637.