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Splib Media LLC Gets Clients Huge Spikes in Traffic With Boosts in Facebook Likes - Excited Marketers Jump on Board


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for highly effective social marketing services, Splib Media LLC is announcing their guaranteed facebook Likes packages that provide Facebook Likes to their client’s fan pages.

All successful marketers know that a consumer is more likely to trust a product or service that is already popular with others. This phenomenon is especially apparent with decisions to buy, which is why companies spend billions of dollars a year on famous spokespeople to back their products or services. When it comes to marketing, social proof is the single most important ingredient to a successful campaign. If a marketer can demonstrate popularity, even if it is fabricated, then their product will sell.

Splib.com specializes in providing this social proof with guaranteed Facebook likes. They offer a wide variety of packages that get their clients legitimate likes to their Facebook fan page. “This makes your fan page more visible to your target audience,” says the website. “It’s a known fact that Facebook ranks fan pages according to its likes count.”

As a marketing firm Splib Media LLC provides their clients with some of the most competitive prices in the industry. They offers a wide variety of Facebook Likes packages from 500 Likes for $25, to up to 200,000 Likes for $5,600. Unlike other services that use robots, fake accounts, and send “invites” instead of actual “likes,” Splib Media LLC guarantees the exact number of Likes purchased.

Users are kept in the loop during every phase of the project and they can purchase packages that maintain campaigns over an extended period of time. “Each of our fan building packages were built with small businesses in mind, making it affordable for everyone,” says the website.

So far the service has piqued the attention of more than just a few pragmatic marketers. Splib Media LLC also boasts an impressive number of multi-conglomerate corporations as clients, such as Trojan, AARP, isle and Kings Cross- A testament to their efficacy with social media marketing.

To learn more about Splib Media LLC, or to peruse their wide variety of Facebook Likes packages, please visit: http://www.splib.com

About Splib Media LLC
Splib Media is a social media leveraging and marketing agency with an emphasis on Facebook marketing. They service customers by populating fan pages with Facebook likes and helping customers create a recognizable icon in the social community. Their service acts as a social catalyst in marketing one’s brand, business, product, service, or name.