"Splintered": Five Dark Tales - A Horror Anthology from Seasoned Short Story Writer Wade Cox


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- With over a decade of writing experience and several works including a novel, published short stories, and a film script to his credit Wade Cox is ready to share with the world his latest compilation of short stories. His recently released book, Splintered, will captivate audiences who have previously followed his work. Cox is a native of Southwest Virginia and has lived in California and currently resides in Florida.

The author's “Splintered”, is a horror anthology that exposes five tales of various vices including greed, danger, and power. Cox, a seasoned writer of short stories compares his works to a joke and says short stories should be "to the point and concise" with an ending that pleases his audience. His five tales within “Splintered” portray five dark vices including greed, power, and danger. Characters are a Mexican Mafia package boy, a lost Civil War soldier, a New Orleans Vampire, and many others.

Author of the horror anthology of these five dark tales was featured in various emerging author blogs and radio programs, including Kindle Gems and Read more about the author at his website and find his latest works available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

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About Wade Cox
Wade Cox was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. He lived in California for a time and now lives in Florida.

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About Wade Cox
Wade was born in 1973 and grew up in the city of Salem, located in Southwest Virginia. He has also lived California (where his first book takes place) and Florida. He has been a writer for about 10 years, with 1 published novel, several published shorts, and a produced movie script to his credit.

He studied business in college, eventually graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, but life took a different turn after a few failed sales jobs. He had taken a few creative writing classes in college, so that's what he fell back on.

Wade Cox
Orlando, FL, USA