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Spokane's Used Cars Announces Opening of Website

Website offers unusual tips for finding good used vehicles and avoiding lemons, reports Spokane's Used Cars


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Buying a used car is an activity that is often fraught with danger. Unless a buyer goes straight for a dealer's certified pre-owned options that include warranties, getting a good used car can be a roll of the dice. Now, there is a new resource to demystify the process and make it much easier to get a good car without the risk. Spokane's Used Cars has announced the opening of its site, SpokanesUsedCars.com, which offers buying tips and information on sources of used cars in the area.

"When it comes to used cars, one of the biggest problems is that people don't know what signs to look for," explained Valik Rudd of Spokane's Used Cars. "We have compiled several articles that give people clear direction that will let them know which cars are good and which ones are lemons."

Some of the tips presented go far beyond the usual generic advice. "Many people don't realize it, but it's possible to determine much or even all of a car's maintenance history, whether it has been in an accident, and other crucial facts," Rudd said. "Automotive history searches, however, have actually been available to the public for some time. There are vehicle history sites out there that can pull up many of the major events that have affected a particular car. All the consumer needs is the VIN number and a willingness to pay a small fee."

Many sellers won't mention things like whether a car has been in an accident or whether it had to go back to the shop every couple of months. By searching the vehicle's history, such facts can be brought to light. The buyer can then negotiate for a much lower price or decide to skip the deal altogether.

"Buyers shouldn't base their decisions on reports alone," Rudd warned. "It's also important to see the car in person. This will allow prospective buyers to see things that don't show up in records or other reports."

One thing that SpokanesUsedCars.com says to look for is the damage pattern on the front of a car. A vehicle that has had a lot of highway driving will often show some pockmarks from gravel that has sprayed up from the road, while a city car may have holes or dents in its bumper from improper attempts at parallel parking. Another thing to look for is an overly-rusty undercarriage, which can signal impending problems with the frame.

"The tires are another important thing to look at. They shouldn't actually be kicked - kicking doesn't reveal anything. Instead, the wear pattern is the important part. Uneven wear often indicates problems with alignment that can be expensive to fix," said Rudd.

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Spokane's Used Cars is a new website offering tips and tricks for finding good used cars and avoiding lemons. It also provides a used car marketplace, a directory of local dealers, and other resources for finding used vehicles.