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Sponge Management Systems Market: Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2018 -- Retained surgical items refers to the surgical sponge, instrument, tool or device that are unintentionally left behind in the patient at the time of the surgery. Surgical sponge are the most common retained than the other items. Retained surgical sponge the rare medical errors that cause significant harm to the patient carry profound medico-legal and professional consequences to physicians and hospitals. Moreover, sponge management system is used to prevent the high cost of the healthcare delivery.

Cost associated with retained sponge include loss of the reimbursement for the procedure with additional hospitalization or readmission to manage the problem. Retained sponge are more common in obese patients and especially after emergency surgery. Retained sponge are the most dangerous retained items among all due to the complication of serious infection and adherence to the critical tissue and organ structure.

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Sponge are easily retained because of their relatively smaller size and when it is soaked in blood it is difficult to distinguish from the surrounding tissues. There is no known measures to completely eliminate the risk of the retained sponge. However the sponge management system may reduce the cases of the retained sponge and continuous medical training and strict adherence to regulations may reduce the incidence to minimum.

Retained sponge are commonly left in the abdominal cavity which produce pain, abdominal tumors. 69 percentage of all the retained surgical items are retained surgical sponges. Sponge management system reduce the anesthetic time. Retained sponges can be detected through wound exam, X-ray and radio-frequency detection system. Radiofrequency detection method is safer, faster and cost-effective compared to the X-ray for the retained sponges

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The growth of sponge management systems market is primarily driven by increasing prevention and control measures during surgical procedure. In addition, the issues related to retained surgical bodies (RSB) such as sponges after the surgery results in complications for surgeons, hospitals and surgical team. This unintended event can pose a life treating conditions, and result in additional operation for removal.

For instance, according to the research conducted, incidence rate of retained surgical bodies (RSB) ranges between 0.3 – 1.0 per 1,000 abdominal operations majorly due to communication gap between surgical operational team during the procedure. Furthermore, as estimated 1,500 cases per year are reported in U.S alone in which foreign bodies are left behind during surgical procedure. The most common type of retained surgical bodies (RSB) are sponges followed by surgical equipment which are diagnosed during any routine examination.

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All this factors contributes to the growth of sponge management systems market. The other factors such as lack of awareness among radiologist and surgeons, increasing number of emergency surgeries and favorable reimbursement policies are also gardening the growth of sponge management systems market. However, presence of alternative methods used leading to less use of sponge management systems, and additional cost of surgery due to RSB are the major obstacles in the market growth of sponge management systems.

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