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Sponge Poker Game Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- With a $30,000 goal the creators of the innovative Sponge Poker game recently launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Using patent pending technology designed to bring their players’ online experiences as close as possible to those of a real game played in real time, Sponge Poker’s creators are looking to expand the game beyond its current beta state. “This game is different from any other in the current marketplace because we’ve created the only betting view where players can see each other’s tells,” said Alex Kim, CEO and Founder of Sponge Poker developer Clavisone. “It’s much more engaging because the movements each opponent makes as they consider their options are telegraphed right onto the other players’ screens.” In detail, a player can watch as one opponent contemplates folding or as another shuffles chips about as they consider going all in. This technology allows Sponge Poker to take the same game players have seen a hundred times and raise it to a new level.

Of course this new interface also allows players the opportunity to send false tells across the virtual table, emulating the kind of table talk and feints seen in a live game. The betting interface adds a level of complexity to Sponge Poker that no other game on the market can match. The easily navigated and intuitive interface is a boon for beginners. And the chip system—which doesn’t require paying real money to get started—is particularly enticing to those wary of blowing money on a new game they have yet to try out for themselves. “Our hybrid chip system is a plus because play isn’t so tight that players are unwilling to take risks,” said Kim. “We offer a limited supply of free chips to get started with, but if players run out we make it relatively difficult to replenish their supply without paying.” The balance struck by Sponge Poker between their free-to-play and pay-for-chips competitors is a big part of what sets the game apart in an admittedly crowded field. “From the interface right down to the feel of the games, we’ve taken care to make Sponge Poker the best game out there,” said Kim. “It’s the kind of thing you play once and just know it’s right.”

Funds raised for Sponge Poker on Indiegogo will go towards supporting ongoing development, advertising, and day-to-day operations. “We've gotten high praise from players already, even with only a fraction of our development roadmap complete,” said Kim. “So we know that with this great game that people love, we need to aim at getting more players involved.” On top of straight advertising to Facebook users, the developers plan to reach out to novice players as well as the hard core with the addition of mobile support and tournament play. Both of these major milestones are mapped out for development in the near future, pending sufficient player growth and funding.

The Sponge Poker team consists of Alex Kim, the CEO and inventor of the game; Adel Min, the client and server-side programer; and Hyun Kim, the technology and server development engineer.

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