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Sponsoring a Spouse to Canada Is Easier with Help from the Immigration Experts at Pace Law Firm


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- For most couples, love has no bounds. But for couples separated by Canadian borders and citizenship, creating a life together can be a little more difficult.

In fact, each year foreign spouses and partners of Canadian residents are denied permanent resident status, forcing them to stay in their own countries. In many cases, this occurs when Canadian Immigration Officials do not believe the relationship is genuine. Another common reason for refusal is when a Canadian spousal sponsorship application is incomplete or incorrect.

While sponsoring a spouse to Canada can be extremely tricky, the immigration experts at Pace Law Firm can help make the process run smoothly. The firm’s lawyers and advocates have dedicated their lives to assisting couples with their Canadian spousal sponsorship needs which is why they recently launched SponsoringaSpousetoCanada.ca, a site geared toward helping people understand the process.

No matter what stage a couple is at in the spousal sponsorship process, the immigration lawyers at Pace Law Firm can help ensure they have all of the necessary documents and details in place. The firm explains the whole process to make sure couples know their status and what to expect, assists with filing immigration forms and applications so they are correct the first time, explains what documents are needed, prepares couples for potential interviews and questions from immigration officers, and follows through with all of the necessary steps, saving clients time and money.

According to Pace Law Firm, “Sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner for Canadian residence can be a lengthy and complicated process. With Pace Law Firm, you can rest assured your application will be processed correctly the first time, so that you and your spouse can enjoy your life together in Canada as soon as possible, free of immigration law related stress.”

To make the spousal sponsorship process run smoothly, Andy Semotiuk, one of the firm’s immigration lawyer’s, says couples should supply a marriage certificate, passports, pictures of their wedding and any other write-ups about their relationship. These types of detailed documents help prove the relationship is real, and not simply a means of attaining permanent residency in Canada.

Pace Law Firm specializes in opposite-sex and common-law marriage cases, as well as same-sex marriage cases. The firm has also handled dozens of sponsorship related appeal cases.

For more information about sponsoring a spouse to Canada, visit http://SponsoringaSpousetoCanada.ca

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