Spoof Calling: An Updated Fun for Call Pranksters

A popular spoof calling App has been updated for the New Year, henceforth many androiders have started making fun calls via MyphoneRobot. MyPhoneRobot can make calls, texts and even spoof voice messages too.


Parlin, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- The ardent Android spoof callers seem to be having a carefree hearty laugh this New Year. Popular spoof & prank calls App has yet another update from its developers who released versatile easy spoofing ideas for Android users at this happy hour.

MyPhoneRobot is an Android application that helps to run prank phone call & spoof calls through Android 2.3.3 versions or up. The users have to purchase credits from the company to make the spoof or prank calls. The credits range from 10-25.

“Our prank call feature enables sending some pre-recorded, pre-defined audio to your buddies as phone call. The call would appear as some real person calling while you have actually sent some imaginary prank conversation. The message could be recorded with some pause halts at the interesting moments- making the affair all the more spicy. It’s our promise that you would simply adore our prank call feature”, grinned the senior sales official from MyPhoneRobot.

In regards to spoof calling, the user can alter caller id so that his phone call appears as some other number to the target. The user can put here any desired number of his choice. MyPhoneRobot also allows the spoof caller to change his voice during live call if one wishes to skirt his identity.

The spoof call duration would be 4 hours maximum & recording span of calls is 1 hour maximum.

Speaking further on the MyPhoneRobot functionalities, the company manager mentioned about spoof messages & voice messages as well.

The spoof SMS service from the company permits the user to change sender ID so that the recipient is unable to identify the actual sender. “We understand spoof SMS can be really scary at times at hence we always send a 2nd SMS to the target within 5 to 10 minutes, explaining the joke”, the media personnel assured.

MyPhoneRobot can pronounce spoof voice calls in 5 varied languages. The sender would have to send a spoof voice message to on which the company officials would voice the spoof message to the target recipient.

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The media personnel from the company also shared about their 15 free credits facility on new user sign-up and Facebook share of the app.

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