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Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation Underwrites Martial Arts Instructor Certification Course


Madison, MS -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2017 -- Widely regarded as the leading martial arts school insurance provider in the USA, Sport & Fitness Insurance (SFIC) is increasing their investment in the martial arts teachers' industry.

SFIC is now the official sponsor of the Martial Arts Teachers' Association's (MATA) new Instructor Certification Program.

Adults seeking instructor certification may take the entire MATA Certification course and exam at no charge, compliments of SFIC. Previously, the course and exam ranged from $200 - $300. Now, it's free.

The comprehensive program is comprised of 21 modules with over 200 exam questions.

Sample Modules include:

1. How to Teach Self-Defense Safely
2. The Law of Self-Defense
3. How to Teach Sparring Safely
4. How to Teach Children with ADHD
5. How to Become a More Effective Instructor
6. How to Become a More Authoritative Instructor
7. Setting and Maintaining a Standard for Conduct
8. How Students Learn
9. How to Use Praise and Punishment in Class
10. How to Teach Calisthenics Safely

SFIC National Accounts Director, Jennifer Lowe Urmston says, "We've enjoyed a great partnership with MATA for some time now. The certification program is a natural fit for us. We're excited to step up and sponsor such an important and comprehensive program that will only help instructors run a safer and more professional martial arts school."

MATA Executive Director, John Graden says, "SFIC is opening up this training to virtually every adult martial artist who would like to take it. This is a huge development that moves the concept of universal teaching principles forward by leaps and bounds."

The MATA Certification program is at

John Graden
Office 866-997-0656

Jennifer Lowe Urmston
Company: Sport & Fitness Insurance Corporation
Address: Madison, MS
Phone Office: 800-844-0536 ext. 2333
Fax: 877-219-8263