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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- While specialist sports goods retailers are not yet projecting their traditional in-store expertise online and through social media, closer links with participation facilities could extend their dominance of the shop-bought segment.

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Executive Summary

The market

Figure 1: Forecast of consumer expenditure through specialist sports goods retailers, 2009-19
Sports goods among the high street’s recovery products
Fitness focus keeps clothing on top

Figure 2: Consumer expenditure through sports goods retailers, by segment, 2013
Market drivers
Participation market holds on to Olympic gains
In-store tech focus leaves retailers vulnerable online
Companies, brands and innovation
More than 50p in the pound now spent with Sports Direct

Figure 3: Consumer expenditure through specialist sports goods retailers, by retailer share, 2013
The consumer
More players ready to spend

Figure 4: Sports bought for, May 2013 and May 2014
Specialists hold the high street but lose grip online

Figure 5: Retailers from which sports goods have been purchased, May 2014
Shoppers hold out until kit wears out

Figure 6: Motivations for sports goods purchasing, May 2014
The right price or the right advice?

Figure 7: Most popular incentives to buy sports goods from a new or different retailer, May 2014
What we think

Issues and Insights

Is expert advice losing its value?
The facts
The implications
Do consumers want to shop while they drop-shot?
The facts
The implications
Who is winning the war between specialists and generalists?
The facts
The implications

Trend Application

Trend: Why Buy
Trend: Extend My Brand
Trend: Influentials

Market Drivers

Key points
Core player base sustains the Olympic effect

Figure 8: UK adults’ participation in sport, 2009-13
Football and tennis not hitting the target

Figure 9: Most popular sports, by participation of 30 minutes or more at least once a week, October 2012-13
Retail recovery continues

Figure 10: Retail sales trends, 2013-14
Gap between price rises and wage growth beginning to narrow

Figure 11: RPI v average weekly earnings growth, 2009-14
Clothing price inflation holding steady

Figure 12: Annual CPI, clothing and footwear, 2009-13
Mechanical technologies gain a head start on digital
E-commerce raises its game on convenience and fit

Figure 13: Online shopping activities performed in the past three months, by device, December 2013
Boots beat shirts as the sustainable World Cup option

Figure 14: Intention to purchase the shirt of country supported in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, by viewing interest in the event, February 2010

Who's Innovating?

Key points
Keeping sports brands in the picture
ASICS goes for luxury (sporting) goods
Retailers get back in the gym...
...and so do brands
See > click > buy > play
Sports Direct turns the page

Market Size and Forecast

Key points
Falling shop numbers trim growth in consumer spend

Figure 15: Consumer expenditure through specialist sports goods retailers, 2009-19

Figure 16: Forecast of consumer expenditure through specialist sports goods retailers, 2009-19
Forecast methodology

Segment Performance

Key points
Clothing wears the trousers

Figure 17: Consumer expenditure with specialist sports goods retailers, 2011-13

Market Share

Key points
Expansion plans on their marks

Figure 18: Sports goods retail outlets, by company, 2014
Sports Direct takes majority share of spend

Figure 19: Consumer expenditure through specialist sports goods retailers, by retailer share, 2013

Space Allocation Analysis

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