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Sports on the Decline Leads to Call for More Exciting Options Available


Cardigan, Ceredigion -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- According to Sport England's Active People Survey, with results recently released, there appears to be a growing trend of sport and exercise being on the decline in the UK. West London is a prime example where the proportion of adults getting involved with the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day fell; in six out of eight boroughs. This extent of decline is also anticipated to apply across the country; as more people turn to technology rather than keeping active. However, a number of companies have been keen to come forward, not only to emphasise the importance of people keeping active but also that cutting-edge technology can be involved too! A prime example is Sports Guns.

Keeping active and enjoying exercise is often cited as a major lifestyle benefit; so that potentially fewer people are getting involved is a big concern. Key reasons why involvement is on the decline are anticipated not only to be more sedentary lifestyles with the use of technology, but also because people feel that available sports options are not engaging enough.

However, in response to the Sport England survey, a number of experts involved in the sporting industries are set to make moves to emphasize the accessibility of their exiting services and encourage engagement. Sports Guns provide a range of air guns, ideally suited to shooting sports; proving that technology and exercise can come together. A spokesperson had this to say:

"There appears a growing need to encourage people to get involved with sports and exercise. Sometimes it is about looking outside the box; and using an air gun can be high-adrenaline as well as disciplined form of exercise. A number of ranges are opening up across the UK too, where people can get involved with tasks such as target practice. We hope that more see the great potential of sport in this area."

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Sports Guns offer a range of air guns as well as accessories and ammunition. An extensive online selection is available. For more information visit their website:

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