Sports Social Networking Enables Growth, Development and Sustainability of Sports in South Africa

Sports Social Networking are enabling the growth, development and sustainability of Sports in South Africa through the use of the locally-based Sportster social network.


Cape Town, Western Cape -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- South Africa is most certainly a country which is driven by its numerous sporting achievements. The rugby world cup in 1995 as well as the soccer World cup in 2010 both plays tribute to the country's ability to host, promote and develop sport on an international standard.

A large majority of South Africans play an active role in the sports community by either participating in a sport or simply by cheering for their favourite teams or clubs. Sport has also become an effective way to boost the economy of local communities through the increase in tourism as well in creating various development initiatives that provides young players and athletes with the opportunity to participate in their choice of sport.

Therefore and with no uncertainty, sport has become a crucial part of our daily lives and effects each and every one of us in some direct or indirect way.

Although many supporting structures currently exists to support and develop players, athletes and fans, to-date there has been no effective network or local community that enables sports fanatics to interact, engage and connect with one another. The simple task of finding a suitable sports partner or worthy opponent in one’s area has always been limited to being part of a specific sports club or organisation which more often than not represents a cost-barrier that most are not able to overcome.

Access to an accurate and up-to-date directory filled with coaches, trainers and sports services is another crucial resource needed by sports players and athletes to ensure that they can gain the necessary skills and expertise to develop their game.

Purchasing sports equipment is most definitely another huge barrier for young athletes and players to overcome in the sense of not being able to afford the cost of buying the gear needed to participate in their sports. Local stores often have promotions available on their sports products but such promotions don’t always reach the greater sports community or its members.

Just imagine, having one central website or directory where people can find the best deal of a variety of sports products from hundreds of different stores. This in itself, creates and fosters a sense of competition amongst the various suppliers to offer their products at competitive prices with discounts and offers that will make a variety of sports more accessible to players.

In today's society where most networking is driven through social media, one can only wonder what has taken the innovative team at Sportster so long. It has now become abundantly clear that there is a dire need for a social sports network that is aimed towards the specific needs of the South African sports industry, a need which the Sportster Network seems to have addressed, just perfectly.

Since the inception and success of Facebook, one may wonder why there is a need for another social network. The answer is relatively simple.

Generalised networks such as "Facebook" has to be "general" enough to appeal to everyone and cannot effectively align themselves with any one particular industry.

Thus, niche social networks such as Sportster are able to hone in on the specific needs of the local sporting community and address them adequately with tools and resources that are perfectly aligned to their needs.

By being part of a sports social network offers the ability to freely find, connect with and share information, people are able to effectively develop their sports goals, skills and interests without being limited by a budget or financial constraints.

Take a moment and check it out. With nothing to lose and just an amazing social experience to enjoy on Sportster, it seems kind of silly not to give it a try.

The Sportster network is also available on mobile devices: YOUTUBE VIDEO (Link: )

About Sportster
Sportster is a free, South African based social network established to offer a variety of free tools and benefits to sports players, fans, athletes and coaches.

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Company Name: Sportster
Tel: 021-802-0677
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City: Cape Town
State: Western Cape
Country: South Africa
Contact: J Coombes