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Sports Supplements Website SupplementSource Now Sells Ceuticore Myostane MX


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- SupplementSource, a website that is based in Ontario, Canada, recently added a new product to its lineup of sports supplements that is sure to be a huge hit with bodybuilders and other athletes.

Ceuticore Myostane MX, the only clinically validated anabolic supplement that is orally active is now available for purchase through the site. Made with key clinical ingredients, Myostane MX turns on the body’s “anabolic switch” to help boost both power and strength while also promoting muscle fullness and “pumps.”

By force feeding the muscles with a continuous supply of important nutrients and oxygen-rich blood, Myostane MX can cause them to appear noticeably denser and fuller.

In addition, the supplement can also help keep athletes in a more anabolic state, which has been shown to burn fat faster.

“Myostane MX elicits powerful receptor activation leading to a cascade of cellular events that stimulate cell differentiation and anabolic muscle growth,” an article on the website explained, adding that by driving the body into an anabolic state, the supplement triggers beneficial genetic changes that control and signal muscle development and fat breakdown.

“Your unwanted fat is available to drive and fuel your intense workouts allowing you to stay anabolic; building muscle and increasing strength resulting in a stronger, more powerful, drier and harder physique!”

In studies that were conducted on the key ingredient found in Myostane MX, subjects were shown to have substantial increases in both their strength and raw power. Specifically, plates were added over and over, and muscle hypertrophy was increased to over three times the body’s typical ability.

In addition to Myostane MX, SupplementSource sells a wide variety of other products, including nutritional supplements, training gear and testosterone boosters. Using the website is easy; handy category tabs on the left-hand side of the home page make it easy for shoppers to find the specific brand they are looking for. The site features a huge variety of products from a plethora of well-known companies, all at reasonable prices.

SupplementSource also features educational and in-depth information for people of all fitness abilities who are trying to improve their health and appearance. A blog is updated regularly with articles about supplements, health and bodybuilding and a forum is a popular spot for readers to visit and share stories with other people.

About SupplementSource
In 1995, Daryl Ballentyne started selling supplements out of the trunk of his car to his fellow soldiers. Since then, Ballentyne has grown SupplementSource into one of the best-known sports supplements websites in the industry. With its continued strong ties to the fitness industry, military and 911 responders, the Canadian-based business prides itself in selling the highest quality products that are on the market today. For more information, please visit http://www.supplementsource.ca