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SportsFYLE, LLC Announces: The Branded Community & the Next Big Thing?: Eric Hays, Chicago

SportsFYLE's Chicago based Eric Hays and David Garside have launched a site called "The Branded Community". Eric and David agree with experts that the next big online buzz is most likely going to be surrounding branded communities. Understanding how they work, what makes them special and how a business can take advantage of their positive aspects can be a game changer for those who act quickly. The Branded Community is a new website that discusses all of this and much more, offering insight from marketing experts and more.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Staying on top of trends and what's the "next big thing" in the online world can be very valuable for both people in marketing as well as forward thinking businesses. Experts generally agree, one of the areas that becomes more interesting every day is the branded community, where members and visitors gather around a niche subject – like a favorite sport – and engage socially. This presents unique targeted marketing opportunities and much more for entrepreneurs looking to perform their best. The Branded Community recently announced the launch of their new website that promotes information about branded niche communities from experts in the industry.

"Branded niche communities are going to be the buzz of the next decade. We are excited to innovate and build this space with our brand 'FYLE'," commented Eric Hays, co-founder of the Branded Community. "Every player will have their own unique 'FYLE' which is their profile, and their own brand. There is a huge void in the recreational profile space and we are excited to start building related communities one-by-one built on this new language."

According to the Branded Community, their new site offers a solid mix of actionable information with blog posts and articles covering the subject from all angles. Highlights include recent posts like, "Niche Marketing & Branded Communities, will they be Next Year's Big Buzz?", "What Makes a Great Branded Community?", "Debunking the Four Myths of Branded Communities" and much more.

From Chicago, Eric Hays and David Garside are also the founders of SportsFYLE, LLC Chicago based tech start-up focused on the creation and promotion of sports related niche communities. Since they are both hockey players their first test niche community is

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