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Sportyfunder Set to Revolutionize Sports Funding


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Here is something for sports fans to cheer about. Sportyfunder, a crowd funding platform, is all geared up to raise money for sports activities. This is the world's first crowd funding platform to help raise finance for sporting activities. This online movement, based in London, is a project mooted by the Angel Finance Group, UK. The mode of operation is innovative as it works online with sports communities in a crowd funding platform to raise funds.

Sportyfunder backs sports persons who require financial backing by bringing them together with groups of sports enthusiasts. Sports funding is made possible on a global scale by means of this platform. These crowd funding sports projects help raise money for sports persons, who are in dire need of financial support. Raising money for sports is their slogan, and their activities are planned to achieve all the financial backing that sports athletes need.

This funding platform ensures complete participation from the organizations, athletes, clubs, fans, officials, and others who are engaged in or related to sports. Sports fundraising carried out help in funding projects, which improves participation in sports and sports-related activities. This acts as a major force for resolving some key issues in society such as health, social inclusion, inequalities, and education.

Sportyfunder aims to revolutionize the concept of sports funding by following 21st century methods. This is a rewards/donation based crowd funding platform. Financial backers of projects can receive a range of rewards including personal “Thank You”, souvenirs, special invitation to sports events and many more. This financial support will help uncover new talent, fulfill dreams, and create new opportunities for many sports persons.

Clubs and communities can raise sports finance if they set up a good project, and `backers’ support their endeavor by contributing money in small amounts. This helps the general population make useful contributions to financing sports projects. For more details regarding Sportyfunder and its projects, visit

About Sportyfunder
Sporty funder is a first-of-its-kind crowd funding platform dedicated to raising money for needy sports persons and communities. Based in London, SportyFunder will bring together the sports community under one roof, for fund raising projects related to sports. This website provides a platform to sports enthusiasts for financially supporting their sports teams and communities.

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