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Spouse Tax Relief Myths Debunked by Talon Tax


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Tax debts are not easy to deal with. Those who are affected by tax debt can be under immense pressure of IRS. They have to take immediate steps to avoid that pressure and approach a professional Tax Relief Firm so as to get timely assistance. Talon Tax is one such professional and reputable tax relief firm that had dealt with a variety of tax debt cases and offered timely solutions. Some of the most common cases they have come across are that of spouse tax debt wherein a wife is held responsible of her husband’s tax liability or vice versa. Many clients have come to Talon Tax seeking advice but most of them are unaware of the Innocent Spouse Relief option from IRS.

Talon Tax was successful in clearing all the myths with regards to spouse tax debt and offers assistance to all those spouses who are victims of dishonest financial reporting. The rule of Innocent Spouse Relief is applicable when a spouse can prove that he or she was not personally involved in incurring the tax bills and in no way can be penalized for not paying the bills. This form of tax relief is most commonly used in case of divorce. There are three types of Innocent Spouse Tax Relief.

General Innocent Spouse Relief, Separation of Liability Relief and Equitable Relief can be applied depending upon the qualifying circumstances. Many such spouses might have lot of concerns with regards to their tax debt. The best thing that they can do is contact Talon Tax immediately so that they can evaluate the case and file appropriate documents as soon as possible. “Talon Tax is phenomenal! The IRS had begun the process to levy my assets when I first found Talon Tax. Needless to say, that was stopped and not long afterwards an agreement was drafted far better than I had expected. I highly recommend this company!” says, Katherine from Roseville, MN who had approached Talon Tax for tax relief assistance.

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