Online Spread Betting Company Getting a Lot of Attention for Its Vast Amount of Information, Ease of Use


Hertfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2011 -- In recent years, spread betting has gained rapidly in popularity for people who utilize this approach for either sports spread betting or financial spread betting. But there are also many people who have heard about the concept and want to give it a try, but they are unsure what the term means and how to go about it.

Spread Betting Companies, an online company based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, is the perfect resource for both people who are experienced in spread betting, as well as those who are new to spread betting UK. The website has received a lot of attention in recent months as one of the best, more comprehensive UK spread betting companies.

“Our mission is to provide those interested in day trading and financial betting with information on suitable accounts, offers, guides, strategies and much more,” said company spokesperson Marcus Holland, adding that Spread Betting Companies is for both experienced and novice day traders alike.

“The site is mainly a comparison site of spread betting/trading providers and offers promotions and daily economic news,” said Holland.

Holland encouraged that newcomers to spread betting take some time to browse through the “guides” section of the website, which includes a variety of articles written in easy-to-understand language that explain the various terms associated with the practice, including sports spread betting, sports arbitrage trading, and a section on spread betting tips.

For example, in an article called “Spread Betting—Some of the Basics” it recognized that some people have the wrong idea about what financial spread betting is because they incorrectly associate the word “betting” with gambling.

“Spread betting involves stakes but it is not exactly gambling,” the article stated. “It is just a way of getting exposure to financial markets, and a very effective one when compared to other traditional approaches.”

The main page of the website lists the Top 10 spread betting companies including ETX Capital, InterTrader and IG Index. Information on each company like deposit margin, and trade and account minimums is included. Clicking on a company’s name will bring site visitors directly to its website.

Clicking on the “sports” tab at the top of the page will bring visitors to the sports spread betting portion of the website, which includes information on three sports spread betting companies.

“There isn’t as much choice in the sports market as there is in financial spread betting but with the likes of Sportsspread, Sporting Index, and Spreadex, you shouldn’t need anyone else,” Holland said.

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