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Spring Fashion Kicks off with Sterling Bracelets

Silver bracelets, the most sought after choice in accessories


Mamaroneck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Sterling bracelets have become the latest fashion accessory and also the most awaited in the spring fashion line. Bracelets which have been in existence from a long time now are considered an elegant piece of jewelry for both sexes. Men and women with an evolved sense of style have noted to adorn bracelets from a very long time and this practice seems to exist even today. What has changed however is the fact that today the fashion is catered to meet a look which combines artistic vibes with practicality.

Sterling bracelets found today are more in tune to the needs of fashion that is affordable, easy to maintain and stylish all at the same time. One company which seems to be making progress in this direction is Jewelry 24 seven. This new chain of fashionable silver jewelry has a huge range of pieces to suit every occasion, style and requirement. The company has recently launched its line carrying sterling bracelets.

This new line intends to bring light to the unique shapes and textures incorporated in making the bracelets. The bracelets come in a number of designs and some of them also include interesting inserts. The bracelets are available in many different forms. For instance, for those who are not very bold with their style and lean more towards sophistication, there are chain bracelets and for those who want to explore more, there are other different types.

Sterling bracelets in the form of cuffs are also greatly in vogue now and Jewelry 24 seven has many of these bracelets in different styles in store. The company is also involved in manufacturing specialty bracelets. Special requests on medical bracelets and bracelets with engraving on them are also entertained by the company. Every piece offered by the company is quality tested and constitutes both .925 and .999 silver.

Sterling bracelets have come a long way from being just another fashion accessory to a fashion accessory that is prominent enough to influence an entire wardrobe. The company has brought forward designs and styles that are very novel in terms of engravings, attachments and embellishments. To know more about the company and gather information on its products log onto

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