Spring Mill Athletic Club

Spring Mill Athletic Club Features Fitness Classes, Programs, and Equipment to Help Members Maintain Their Beach Bodies


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2018 -- Spring Mill Athletic Club understands the perseverance, determination, and hard work that's required to get one's body ready for beach season. However, now that summer is coming to an end, the Ivyland-based fitness club is offering memberships, and even free trials, to individuals seeking to retain the fruits of their spring and summertime labor.

Beginning with their vast array of exercise equipment, Spring Mill Athletic Club has the perfect gear to help members meet their fitness goals, regardless of what they are. For instance, the club features cardio equipment like treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bikes. They also offer a variety of strength training machines, including free weights and a cable machine.

Spring Mill Athletic Club also offers various group fitness classes to allow members to enjoy and motivate each other. These classes range from yoga, Zumba, and cycling to high-intensity training, a creative movement dance class in Warminster, PA, and even a fitness class for seniors. In fact, all ages and skill levels are welcome at the club's instructional sessions.

And for relieving post-workout stress and muscle tension, the club even offers massages to help alleviate pain and improve circulation. This is a critical, but often overlooked, part of proper physical conditioning.

And while fitness is a significant component of overall health, it isn't the only one. And Spring Mill Athletic Club understands this, which is why they offer nutritional advice as part of their programs. Members have access to a nutritional specialist who can personalize a food plan for them and follow up to ensure they're making progress.

With their variety of exercise equipment, fitness classes and programs, and incredible amenities, Spring Mill Athletic Club has everything to help members stay fit, trim, and flexible all year long.

For a free trial membership, or children's dance classes in Warminster, PA, call 215-309-8609 or visit http://www.springmillathleticclub.com/.

About Spring Mill Athletic Club
Located in Ivyland, PA, Spring Mill Athletic Club offers an all-inclusive fitness experience for the whole family, featuring two outdoor pools, a 30,000 sq. Ft. Athletic facility, a number of classes and a large list of amenities. The facility is run by a trained staff that ensures all equipment is properly cleaned and maintained. To learn more about Spring Mill Athletic Club visit them online at http://www.springmillathleticclub.com/.