Spring Mill Athletic Club

Spring Mill Athletic Club Helps PA Lower Their Stress Levels This Fall


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2017 -- Residents who are feeling the pressure at their work or school are turning to Spring Mill Athletic Club for help blowing off steam and reducing stress this autumn season. Aerobic workouts, as well as training with weights or body exercises, has been shown to reduce the impact of stress on the body, making fall the perfect time for residents to get back into shape.

Cardio workouts (sometimes referred to as "aerobic exercise") has been proven to bring about two major factors that decrease stress levels and help people deal with stress more effectively over time. First, workouts that increase the heart rate like crossfit in Warminster, PA, decrease the concentration of stress hormones that have built up in the bloodstream. When we experience a large amount of stress, our brains create chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol, which can make us feel agitated and jittery. Working out clears these chemicals out of the blood, leaving us feeling refreshed and calm. Cardio workouts also release chemicals called "endorphins," the body's natural painkiller and mood-stabilizer.

Other workouts that favor control of muscles over oxygen usage (sometimes called "anaerobic exercise") also come with stress-reducing benefits. These types of workouts require strict control of breathing, a technique proven in a laboratory setting to decrease heart rate and control stress levels. Yoga classes in Warminster, PA, for example, provide the perfect calming atmosphere to let the stress of work or school melt away.

Residents in the area who would like to learn more about fitness and stress are encouraged to call Spring Mill Athletic Club at 215-309-8609 for more information or to visit them online at http://www.springmillathleticclub.com.

About Spring Mill Athletic Club
Located in Ivyland, PA, Spring Mill Athletic Club offers an all-inclusive fitness experience for the whole family, featuring two outdoor pools, a 30,000 sq. Ft. Athletic facility, a number of classes and a large list of amenities. The facility is run by a trained staff that ensures all equipment is properly cleaned and maintained. To learn more about Spring Mill Athletic Club visit them online at http://www.springmillathleticclub.com/.