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SpringCreek Medical Center Reports Back Pain Remains the Leading Cause of Disability

Springcreekmedical.com reports patients do best when treatment is personalized to meet their particular needs and the center maintains a diverse staff to offer this treatment flexibility


Providence, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Back pain leads to more disability claims than any other medical condition across the globe, as reported by the Global Burden of Disease 2010. In fact, Americans currently spend more than $50 billion each year attempting to treat this medical condition, and experts believe this may not be an accurate representation, as it only takes into account those costs which are easily identified. Anyone suffering from back pain, however, needs relief rapidly as this condition interferes with every aspect of life. Many, in this situation, choose to turn to SpringCreek Medical Center (http://www.springcreekmedical.com/about-us/why-chiropractic-therapy/).

"Back pain affects every part of a person's life, as many find it hard to complete simple tasks, such as getting out of bed in the morning. When pain is present, one finds they change the way they undertake normal activities. Even after the pain is gone, the person may be hesitant to return to his or her normal routine, for fear of the pain returning. SpringCreek Medical Center works to stop the pain and prevent it from returning, so patients can have the highest quality of life," Dr. Steven S. Garvert, D.C, the chiropractic physician at SpringCreek Medical Center, explains.

For some patients, chiropractic adjustments resolve the issue. During the adjustment, carefully controlled and directed pressured impulses work to restore the joints and extremities to their normal motion and position. Once this occurs, patients find their stress and tension are relieved and their overall health improves. Holistic treatments remain the preferred option for dealing with pain, and the adjustments may be used in conjunction with other therapy to obtain the desired results.

Dr. Garvert wants patients to feel comfortable knowing the treatment plan will meet their unique needs, as the center never makes use of a one size fits all approach. A patient's medical history, goals for treatment, and unique symptoms all come into play when developing the treatment plan, and the patient has final say over which treatments are used. Staff members fully explain the benefits and drawbacks when making recommendations and will discuss with the patient how treatment will be affected by including or excluding certain therapies from the plan, as patients deserve to have all of the facts when it comes to their condition.

Other therapies which may be used in a treatment plan include physical and massage therapy. Physical therapy may consist of manual or aquatic therapy or it may focus on muscle energy techniques and physiotherapy, depending on the needs of the patient. Massage therapy helps to loosen affected muscles and works to create a positive balance between the mind and the body, so patients may let go of everyday stress and worry. The natural healing process benefits when this balance is achieved.

"Contact SpringCreek Medical Center today for relief from acute or chronic back pain. No person should have to suffer with this type of pain. With the help of this center, one no longer must," Dr. Garvert proclaims.

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SpringCreek Medical Center offers a team of professionals brought together to treat a wide range of medical conditions. The center employs a medical doctor and chiropractic physician, along with a physical therapist and licensed massage therapists, to help patients achieve optimal health and well being. Staff members treat a wide range of medical conditions, including carpal tunnel, whiplash, back pain, and neuropathy, using a number of treatments. Patients find the comprehensive treatments offered at SpringCreek Medical Center allow them to get their life back on track in the shortest time possible.