SpringFlex, World's Most Comfortable Shoe, Now 30% Off

Coils in Shoe Guarantee Optimal Comfortability, to the Relief of Workers Everywhere


Fort Collins, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- Every day millions of Americans take to the streets, be it for a walk around the block, a jaunt down to the local grocery store, or simply a stroll through a nearby park. Plenty of others are stuck standing for long stretches of the day, including nurses, restaurant employees, and delivery workers. All of those miles logged and hours amassed on one's feet can really take a toll. On top of all that, there are millions of Americans who struggle with back, knee, joint, and foot pain, who are simply looking for a way to get through the day. Enter Springflex, also known as the World's Most Comfortable Shoe, a title that is befitting of the coil-laden shoe that boasts unrivaled comfortability. This incredible shoe hails from Fort Collins, Colorado, and recently was offered on sale for a remarkable 30% discount, a savings worth more than $40!

"The goal in creating these especially comfortable shoes was to simply make the life of the everyday American easier," expressed Sales Manager for SpringFlex David Krafsur. He continued, saying "This shoe is truly magnificent, and we recommend it for all types of customers, especially those hampered by chronic pain in their back, ankle, or foot. It works wonders, and makes that late night shift that much easier to cope with."

The secret to success of the Spring Flex shoe is its TrueBounce™ Technology. Touted as the Heart and "Sole" of the shoes, the coils underneath absorb shock and return more energy with each step. Essentially the result is a reduction in stress on the legs and pelvis, which consequently prevents injury by easing the force of impact between the wearer and the ground. Historically, customers have reported reduced fatigue, a fact that is welcome news to constantly on their feet.

About Spring Flex
Founded in 2007, Spring Flex offers the world's most comfortable shoe, featuring a pair of shoes imbued with springs for maximum comfort. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, with its Engineering Development Laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company has helped customers all of the country with back pain, joint pain, and foot pain. Their shoe is perfect for workers who are on their feet for long sessions during the day, including restaurant workers, nurses, warehouse workers, and delivery drivers. Similarly, their shoe helps those simply looking for a comfortable shoe to walk around in, be it on a family vacation, a trip to the store, or a shopping spree.