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Springtime in NYC Central Park Is the Perfect Time for Clowning Around

How to tell springtime has arrived in Central Park NYC? Look for budding trees, blooming flowers, and of course...the clowns, clowning around in one of the most unique interactive clowning adventures ever to spring upon Central Park this spring and it's called (most appropriately) Clowning Around Tours!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2017 -- Central Park is turning hilarious this springtime, thanks to Clowning Around Tours –- NYC's only interactive clown based tour that knows how to transform New York's greatest park into a funny three ring circus.

And when it comes to a little off-the-wall zany fun, Clowning Around Tours is one's ticket for an amazing clowning adventure. Moreover this unique experience is unlike any typical walking's more like a show where the participants don't merely tag along but actually become part of the action.

And leading their clowning troupes on fun filled action packed journeys through Central Park are Clowning Around Tours' own ringmasters and licensed NYC tour guides (aka Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew), who know how to transform the ordinary into one extraordinary clowning experience.

"Our unique tours allows participants to discover what it's like to be a real clown. From trying one's hand at all sorts of clowning around routines including clown antics, miming, sword play...well, balloon sword play to juggling and a whole lot more all the while turning Central Park into an outdoor clowning escapade," says Dr. Pete.

Furthermore, according to Clowning Around Tours, Central Park is one of the world's most iconic locations. This amazing park especially during spring is an oasis in the heart of Manhattan that has enchanted people from all over the world and from all walks of life for well over 150 years. And with all its historic landmarks and natural beauty it's the perfect setting for letting everyone's inner clown shine.

"People are amazed that there are so many historic sites within Central Park that date back well over one hundred years to even 3000 years. And the sensations people experience when exploring these iconic sites with us is almost like time traveling back to different eras where even visiting a medieval castle is possible...with a couple of clowns," says Dr. Stew.

So if one wants to juggle amazing historic sites within Central Park with a whole battery of fun filled clown antics this spring, then join the show with Clowning Around Tours -- they really know how to make history come a clowning around funtastic way!

About Clowning Around Tours
Clowning Around Tours ( is New York's only hands-on interactive clown tour that allows participants to unleash their inner clown in some of NYC's most iconic locations. Their clown tours are open to public private and corporate events.