Sprockets Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2027


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Sprockets, toothed wheels designed for engaging with components such as chains and belts to pull over the wheel, typically seek adoption in motorcycles. Size of the sprockets are reduced or increased to comply with different gearing of motorcycles, enabling drivers to make their movements efficient and powerful. Sprockets also seek adoption in various other types of motorized vehicles.

An influx of household in cities of industrializing countries coupled with elevating GHDI of consumers in these countries has been reflecting on demand for motorcycles over the past few years. The global motorcycle industry witnessed a slack owing to intensified import competition in the recent past, which led several manufacturers to relocate their production plants to emerging markets, where demand has been rising significantly. However, remarkable opportunity exists for growth of the global motorcycle industry in the upcoming years, wherein overall supply chain participants in the industry are emphasizing on integration and incorporation of business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Industry participants are taking efforts to counteract the past slack by increasing efficacy of their production facilities, meanwhile tapping the demographic segments other than Baby Boomers such as young, female and minority population, with attractive marketing strategies such as celebrity endorsements. Such efforts will reflect on the growing demand for motorcycles, thereby fuelling growth of the sprockets market.

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Robust Expansion of Material Handling Industry to Influence Demand for Sprockets

Sprockets form an integral component of various material handling equipment that seek adoption across most industrial sectors including construction, mining, oil & gas, and machine tools. Superior durability even in extreme operating conditions, noise-free operations, high-load capacity, and low vibration are key attributes of sprockets that make their use in material handling equipment lucrative. Future of material handling is foreseen to be smart, with growing interconnection between technologies and equipment, also known as "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)".

Smart manufacturing enterprises are focusing on maximizing their efficiency and safety via intuitive collaboration and networking with their customers. The overall manufacturing floor – from picking & sorting systems to conveying systems – are witnessing evolution for accommodating more flexible business requirements and predictive planning. Abreast these evolvements, demand for various innate material handling components such as sprockets is likely to gain an uptick in the near future.

Proliferation of Industrial Robotics to Create High Demand for Sprockets

Industrial robotics imparts myriad benefits in terms of operational precision, quality, and productivity, and its deployment in industrial sectors entails the need for high-degree precision control. Advancements in robotic vision has significantly fuelled the efficiency of industrial processes since the recent past. Growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), along with evolution of technologies incorporated in robotics have led toward the development of advanced robots with improved vision capabilities.

This has created high demand for components such as gears, drives and sprockets for ensuring better precision control and flexibility of robots during their deployment. With components such as sprockets assisting robots to control directional and rotational motion, and cascading effect of demand for customized robots is likely to prompt vendors of sprockets to improve their design capabilities and develop new technology.

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For example, Pitsco, Inc. has recently introduced its TETRIX®MAX Sprockets, which are manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum, designed for competitive and tough robots, and offer high performance even in heavy load operations. Product variants of the lightweight yet sturdy TETRIX®MAX Sprockets include 16-tooth, 24-tooth, and 32-tooth sprockets with 3-D animation.

Key Developments from Manufacturers

RENOLD, a prominent manufacturer of material handling components, has recently developed a new array of high-performance sprockets. These sprockets have been made available by the company in pitch sizes 06B-16B simplex in the pilot bore configuration. RENOLD's new high-performance sprockets are manufactured by using C45-grade carbon steel, and comply with ISO 606 standard. Teeth of these sprockets are induction hardened to tight tolerance in 40-50 HRC range.
Tsubaki, leading manufacturers of various industry-specific transmission equipment & component, has unveiled its new range of sprockets made from high-quality, heat-treated steel. These sprockets are claimed to perform well in all kinds of challenging and heavy-duty applications. Resistant to wear and shock loads, Tsubaki's new sprockets require minimal maintenance.