Spurious Business Disputes Being Used to Evade Payment in the UK


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- 'Disputed' debts are part and parcel of everyday commercial life in the UK with many simply being used as a spurious attempt to evade payment.

When there is a dispute or your business relationship breaks down, there comes the need for dispute resolution or mediation.

In the wake of the rising commercial court costs and expensive solicitors fees, by far the most cost effective way to resolve disputes is not in the court room, it is via Commercial dispute resolution.

In the recent years, there has been a rise in commercial disputes as unscrupulous companies and individuals seek to exploit 'weak' claimants who have very little budget on which to pursue the matter in court.

Under such circumstances, many companies many small SME's and indeed some Plc's simply write off the debt as not being financially viable to recover. Disputed debts can become detrimental to a Company's purpose as well as providing unwanted additional costs, stress and can be extremely time consuming.

The previously and commonly used method of utilising the services of a Law firm meant sometimes effectively writing a blank cheque. Indeed, there has been many cases where the bill for legal fees has far outweighed the actual debt itself.

Coupled with the Debtor's actual ability to pay the debt, dealing with commercial disputes can be an extremely fruitless task with potential exorbitant fees with no result.

As well as disputes, there are also occasions were a Business relationship will breakdown for whatever reason, usually down to a clash of personalities etc

Already this year, the UK has seen a dramatic increase of up to 600% in court fees for firms issuing claims.

In respect of Commercial Law firms in the UK: on average you can expect spend £350-£800 per hour to deal with disputed cases.

In summary, dealing with disputes or the 'won't pays' can be a terrible drain of your precious time and money however that need not be the case.

Leading UK Commercial Debt Recovery firm Federal Management have sought to tackle this growing problem, by launching a dedicated dispute resolution and mediation service.

They have assembled a fully qualified and legally experienced dispute resolution team to provide a low fixed cost service which will act as a godsend for SME's across the UK.

Chris Spencer, Operating Manager said "We regularly hear from clients of vast amounts being spent in dealing with spurious attempts to evade payment. Our robust Mediation team specialise in negotiating quick settlements where there is a scope to do so, saving our client thousands in unwanted legal fees"

For more information on this great new service, visit their website http://www.federalmanagement.co.uk for help with disputes or indeed, any other debt recovery related matters.

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