SpyBubble Pro Cell Spy Software Gets Extensive Review


Kingston, Jamaica -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Robert Facey, freelance writer on career, health and personal development matters has recently launched a new website at SpybubblePro.net. The website reviews Spybubble Pro, an award winning cell spy software that provides employers and parents a way to monitor the smart phones of their employees and children respectively.

Unlike other websites that review security applications, Spybubblepro.net doesn't offer a one page review that highlights only the positive aspects of the software. Rather, the website offers a very balanced and comprehensive review of the software. Readers of the site will see several pages that outline both the advantages and potential risks of using the product.

Readers will learn:
- The legality of buying and using cell spy software.
- How to use the Spybubble software without opening themselves up to legal trouble
- What are the risks involved in downloading the application on a target phone.
- An explanation of the myriad features of the Spybubble software
- A video tutorial outlining some of the top features of the software
- How to try the software for free
- And more...

Asked why installing Spybubble on a cellphone might be necessary, Mr Facey said, “The software has powerful real-world applications for both parents and employers.

Employers have used the software to curb misuse of company-issued smart phones and hence cut costs; spot the employees who are leaking sensitive company information and gather evidence in industrial espionage.

Parents have used the software to know the whereabouts of their kids and help keep those kids keep out of harm's way.

Spouses who suspect their other halves of cheating have used the software as a private investigatory tool. However, as there are privacy involved here, using Spybubble Pro software in this way could open one up to legal ramifications.”

A perusal of the Spybubblepro.net review website shows that Mr. Facey went to great lengths to ensure that the software was not over-hyped in any way. He paid great attention to privacy issues and cautions potential users of Spybubble to use it in a legal fashion at all times.

For more information about SpyBubble Pro or standard versions or to take advantage of the Free Trial, visit: http://www.Spybubblepro.net/

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