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Square Cow Moovers of Austin, TX Give Cow Tipping, Moving a Whole New Meaning


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2011 -- When planning a move, whether it is across the country or down the street, there are a tremendous amount of tasks to get done. From changing the mailing address to selling or renting the current home, the list is endless.

Packing and figuring out how to get all of someone’s belongings from point A to point B is one of the most important parts of moving; especially since it can be hard to find movers who are reliable, cost-effective and courteous.

Past customers are raving about the residential and commercial moving services they received from Square Cow Moovers. The Austin TX movers offer top-notch, all-encompassing moving services mixed with southern hospitality. They take pride in what they do and understand people’s items are precious and should be held with the utmost care. Additionally, their thorough evaluation of everyone’s specific moving situation helps ensure customers are not surprised with any hidden fees, even when it comes to tipping.

Offering a range of services, from packing, unpacking and piano moving to just picking up and dropping off, the Austin movers pride themselves in meeting all of the needs of their customers; and doing it with a smile.

Mark, a past client, said Square Cow Moovers is a one-of-a-kind company offering a sense of relief and reliability.

“They treat you with respect,” said Mark. “And in an industry where often times it is just kind of a bunch of guys who show up, it seems that [the company] holds the bar pretty high for themselves and they also make sure the team they bring in are really the right guys and hold the same values. They just make it really easy for the homeowner.”

For anyone searching for “Austin Movers,” Square Cow Moovers also provides exceptional service with their policy of “no hidden fees.” They learn as much about the moving details as possible, even visiting the moving site when possible, to ensure customers do not have any surprise fees.

Additionally, in no way do employees expect “cow” tipping. In other words, if a client feels they have received superior service, they may tip a company associate, but it is never assumed.

Just because it is an Austin moving company does not mean Square Cow Moovers is only Austin-bound. Whether a client is moving from one side of the street to the other or out of city or state, their teams of “cows” are available and ready to assist.

About Square Cow Moovers:

Offering residential and commercial moving services, Square Cow Moovers provides customers with courteous and reliable all-encompassing service and no hidden fees. The Austin TX movers pride themselves in treating customers’ property as if it were their own. For more information or to learn about the Art of Mooving, visit http://SquareCowMovers.com