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Square Inch Launches New Range of Designer Storage Solutions Created by NYC's Efe Kababulut

Square Inch has launched new apartment storage options which aim to both store and display items beautifully in modular, compatible styles, designed by former BoConcept designer Efe Kababulut.


Titirangi, Auckland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Apartments are becoming the most common homes for people in urban centres, as more and more people cram into the overcrowded business capitals. New Zealand is becoming especially population dense in Auckland and Wellington, and people are looking to fit more into less and less space. Square Inch enhances liveability in every space by sourcing hard working, multi-functional furniture that looks and feels great. Their latest in high quality, on-trend design comes from designer Efe Kababulut, who has created modular storage solutions for small spaces that incorporate practical multifunctional features to do more with less.

Square Inch has exclusive distributorship of this high quality, smart furniture range in NZ and Australia, designed by NYC based Efe Kababulut, ex BoConcept, with a European lineage and access to high quality Turkish craftsmanship and materials. The range includes storage spaces that double as display items, including coffee tables, bookshelves, desks and TV stands.

All the items, from storage to couches and sofa beds, are listed on the website with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing, with easy and secure payment options. The customer service team at Square Inch excel in ensuring individuals make the right consumer choices, and are on hand to help anyone optimize their space. These latest items will make an invaluable addition to their repertoire.

A spokesperson for Square Inch explained, "We are thrilled that Efe Kababulut has turned his brilliant designers' mind to affordable, modular, scalable storage solutions for apartments. This has become a more and more attractive challenge to designers, who understand that overcoming the limitations of modern urban living through innovation is no longer just quirky, it's essential. The new range offers some great ways to do more with less, keeping spaces open while storing more than people might think. Add to this the affordable prices and our commitment to customer experience, and we offer an all in one solution to apartment optimization."

About Square Inch
Square Inch is an importer and online retailer of contemporary designed functional furniture for space conscious urban living. Their modular furniture design aesthetic ensures form follows function, without compromising style and comfort. Smart furniture that maximises space, letting you live large using every square inch. For more information please visit: http://squareinch.co.nz/