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Square Pixel Studios Releases Explainer Video Tribute for FIFA 2014 as Their 200th Video

Square Pixel Studios have created a video that will make their next a major milestone, explaining facts and stats to promote the mega-event of the FIFA World Cup 2014.


Uttar Pradesh, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- With the FIFA World Cup 2014 just around the corner, anticipation is hotting up. The event is taking place in Brazil, a country with a strong and proud heritage of excellent football, and outstanding individual players. The FIFA World Cup is mostly known by the final rounds which are televised and take place in the public eye, but the event itself is far bigger than that. Square Pixel Studios have created an explainer video that puts them just one step away from a company milestone, and pays tribute to the epic event coming this summer.

The explainer videos created by Square Pixel Studios use state of the art animation created with design principles in mind to augment a voice over relating key facts, statistics and ideas to the audience, creating a visually striking, engaging video at a fraction of the cost of filming in-camera.

For more ambitious projects, the company also offers full scale video production services, which result in stunningly designed videos that can be created and executed after a detailed strategy meeting between Square Pixel Studios and the client. The explainer video for World Cup 2014 makes use of animation, images and voice over to relate key facts about the world cup, about Brazil and about some of the most hotly anticipated breakout stars.

A spokesperson for Square Pixel Studios explained, “We created the video as a tribute to the mammoth task that hosting and putting on the World Cup is. Football is the most popular sport in the world and Brazil will host for the second time. This is also our 200th video, so we wanted to show just how effective our information delivery can be, even for an event of this magnitude, thanks to honing our skills and systems for hundreds of clients. The video can be viewed for free on YouTube and is bound to inform and delight football fanatics.”

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