Squeegeez Corona Window Washing Service Makes Clients Forget About the Rain

Squeegeez Home Services is offering a 14 day rain guarantee to put customers' minds at ease. If it rains within 2 weeks of them washing windows and the windows do not dry clean, call them and they will come out and clean them again for free.


Corona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- While it doesn’t rain much in the Inland Empire, rain is always a drag for a Corona window washing service. For the most part, if a customer is thinking of getting his or her windows cleaned and they see rain in the forecast, they will hold off. Of course, if it is pouring rain, that is not the best time to get your windows washed. But, a rainy forecast is no longer something that should get you to put off getting your windows done.

Squeegeez Home Services from Corona exists to make sure that its customers’ windows are always spotless. Joe and Kimberly, the owners of Squeegeez Home Services have been doing windows professionally since 1980, and one of the things that they have noticed in that time is that rain does not usually make a clean window dirty. But, rain will always make a dirty window look much, much worse. With this in mind, Squeegeez is now offering a 14 day rain guarantee. Put simply, if it rains within two weeks of you getting your windows done by Squeegeez and you feel that your windows no longer look clean, they will re-wash them for you free of charge.

This is a very bold guarantee, but it is not without a lot of thought. Joe from Squeegeez Home Services said, “We noticed that a lot of our customers would cancel or put off getting their windows cleaned if they thought that it was going to rain. We knew that the rain wouldn’t affect their windows if they were clean, but it seems so logical that rain would make windows dirty. One thing that I have learned in my 20 plus years of cleaning windows is that rain runs right off of clean windows leaving them just as clean, but when you add rain to dirty windows, you get mud.” So the guarantee was born which helps them to keep up with the demand even in the rainy season.

Squeegeez Home Services is all about giving customers clean windows. If cleaning windows on a day doesn’t make sense, they won’t do it because they put their customers’ needs first. As Joe puts it, “We want our customers to be happy and to rest easy knowing that their windows will be clean. If it rains within 2 weeks of you getting your windows clean and they get dirty, we’ll come out and clean it for free. We always stand by our work.” To schedule an estimate with Squeegeez, simply give them a call at (951) 444-0060 – and don’t worry about the forecast.

About Squeegeez Home Services
Squeegeez Home Services takes pride in offering the very best in window cleaning and house cleaning services for the homeowner who wants their home to look clean and windows crystal clear all year long. They are a family owned and operated business which has been washing windows and cleaining homes in Riverside, Corona, Eastvale, and Norco for over 17 years.

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