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Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- According to the results of an NCH consumer survey, 64% of respondents said they regularly search the Internet for coupon savings. Furthermore, it's estimated every hour spent couponing is worth an estimated $100. Keeping this in mind, Justin Baylor, spokesperson for Squidcoupons.com an online listing site for coupon deals, says the trend is growing more with each month.

Says Baylor, "Digital-coupon distribution has actually grown over 10% with more printable and paperless offers than ever before, although most people think of those newspaper coupons when they think of coupon offers. But these days, people are looking for coupon codes and other more digital forms of coupons." Baylor says the smartphone is one of the best inventions to happen to the savvy, money-saving shopper. He goes on to explain. "No longer does the shopper have to carry around a huge, bulging envelope full of clipped out coupons that take up so much of everyone's time. In many cases, they simply have to pull out their smartphones and show the cashier their online coupon. It can really ring up the savings for them. Sometimes it may be 40% off of the total cost of their purchase, or savings when they spend $100. But the key is knowledge. If you don't know about the savings, you can't save."

That's where sites like Squid Coupons come into play. Baylor explains. "Sometimes it's just reading up on what you need to do. While yes, sometimes you do need to print out a coupon and take it along with you to the store, other times you need to place an order online and use a coupon code. Still others, you need to "like" someone on your Facebook account. You just never know. It's kind of like a game, following the directions to get the best deal. But, if you're willing to jump through a few hoops, you can really save the money. And in this economy, who isn't willing to do a little hoop jumping to get some deals?"

Gone, says Baylor, are the days when only grocery store items were advertised with coupons. Says Baylor, "Every kind of company imaginable is willing to post their deals on Squid Coupons to get the word out about their deals, from Auto Parts stores to Fashion Jewelry stores. The thing is, you can't have pre-conceived notions about what you want. You need to be open-minded about the deals you're going to find on there."

About Squid Coupons
Squidcoupons.com is a small deal site where they post regularly lists of the best deals on the web for certain brands. Additionally, they offer tips for consumers just starting out couponing, advanced tips of the trade and coupon codes for various online companies.