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Ribbun Can Now Boost Traffic Through Squidoo Lens

Ribbun Extends Its Expertise In The Field Of Squidoo Lens Creation Services And Submission


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2011 -- Ribbun Software, a fast growing SEO and SMO firm, has introduced Squidoo lens creation services for clients as part of its mission to strengthen their online presence.

Squidoo is a popular website that hosts several personally created web pages known as ‘lenses’. A user’s lens serves as his/her personal point of view about a subject. Squidoo lens creation is easy, even for those who are not technically sound. Although it serves as a platform for sharing personal views, it also offers a unique way of generating traffic for websites.

Firstly, Squidoo is a very popular website and acts as source for numerous unique visitors. Squidoo lens creation services can generate a lot of leads for a business and also generate traffic to its website. In fact, Squidoo lenses can be a very powerful addition when search engine bots calculate page ranks. A website that links to relevant Squidoo lens can use its popularity to boost its page rank.

Squidoo is also a good place to find relevant information on topics. By finding information relevant to the subject that the client specializes in, it is possible to build high quality links and get an increase in the page ranks. Moreover, Squidoo users and lens creators are often considered to be experts in their field. Squidoo does not have any limit on the number of lenses that can be made. A business can create as many lenses as it wants in order to build a strong reputation as a field expert. This boosts the credibility and trust that customers would have in the business.

However, simply creating a lens or two would not suffice. Squidoo lenses need to be promoted in order to provide clients with the maximum benefit. This can be done on websites such as squidom.com, lensroll.com, and squoogle.com. In addition to this, Squidoo lenses also need to be updated periodically so that search engine bots can pick up new and original content.

Moreover, the content added on Squidoo also has to be keyword oriented in order to get the best page rank after being indexed. To do this, relevant keywords need to be researched, and the content has to be added.

Ribbun’s new Squidoo lens creation services are crafted to address all the above aspects. As field experts, Ribbun Software knows exactly how Squidoo lenses need to be created, promoted and updated. With its new service, Ribbun’s clients can now utilize its expertise in creating a stronger web presence. As a web 2.0 product, Squidoo can bring value and visibility and create a strong online presence for businesses.

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Ribbun is a rapidly growing search engine and social media optimization firm. It is popular for the wide range of features it provides to clients. To know more about Ribbun and its Squidoo lens creation services, visit http://www.ribbun.com/.