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Ribbun Extends Its Expertise And Knowledge In Search Engine Optimization To Create SEO Optimized Squidoo Lenses


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2012 -- Ribbun is a fast growing SEO company that utilizes the latest technology and Internet trends to improve organic search results for its client websites. Its latest service, Squidoo Lens creation, is an outcome of this mission.

Squidoo is a popular user-generated content website which allows members to create multimedia webpages on single subjects, called ‘lenses’. The topics can be anything, so it is possible to create a Squidoo lens on products and services sold through a website. In this way, it is possible to use Squidoo lenses as an online tool for promoting business and an effective platform for online marketing and advertising.

With high traffic on the website at all times, Squidoo also gives businesses the chance to enjoy a high conversion rate. However, the process of attracting the traffic to the business’s Squidoo lens is not an easy task. Search engine optimization is one the best forms of promotion. An SEO service that uses Squidoo lenses has the main aim of improving the website’s search engine rank.

Squidoo is a popular website, so it is frequently crawled by search engine bots and its pages are indexed. This allows websites to see positive results quickly. Moreover, Squidoo pages can also be easily ranked on top of other website pages if they are optimized appropriately. In fact, it is easier to rank in the top ten with a Squidoo page rather than a normal website. By sharing links between the website and the Squidoo lens, website owners can also boost the rank of both pages.

Of course, of the most important benefits of Squidoo lenses is that it is free to make. Squidoo services are free for all, and there is no need for any HTML knowledge either to make a good lens. However, the content has to be optimized for relevant keywords and has to be completely original. According to Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit, “It is not possible for you to simply use the same content on your blog to make a Squidoo lens. You may be penalized for duplicate content and visitors would also be upset. Of course, it might not be possible for most businesses to continuously monitor Squidoo lens statistics and check keywords. That is why we have offered our SEO skills for the best Squidoo lens creation.”

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